15 People Share How They Stopped Being Lazy


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1. Make some lists

“I make lists of little things to do in a day, bigger things to do in a week, etc. It helps.”

2. 5 second rule

“What honestly worked for me was following the 5 second rule. Whenever you need to do something but don’t feel like it, immediately start counting down from 5 and once you get to one just start doing it.

It sounds dumb but works. Realize that motivation is trash and you’ll never feel motivated, except to do things that feel easy. Look up Mel Robbins on YouTube. She explains it perfectly.”

3. Give yourself a break

“First step, don’t hate on yourself so much. You’re never going to realize your potential and worth if you put yourself down. It’s ok to have bad days. It’s ok to feel like shit. We all experience this and for the time and clime we live in, it’s fairly standard. Try and do a little bit better every day.

Brush your teeth, floss, make your bed, do the dishes, stand when you eat instead of sitting, don’t take your phone to the toilet, drink water. The little things will snowball. Once you prove to yourself that you can take care of the little shit, the big shit just becomes groups of small shit.

Second step, find something you want to do. If the only thing you want to do is not be a piece of shit, the fire will die quickly. But if you want to be in great shape, or learn an instrument, or play D&D, or hike x mountains, or write a shitty 500 page thriller, or play bar trivia and be good at it, you’ll find that as a consequence of these pursuits you drop the piece of shit along the way.

“Sobriety is okay enough,” Denny says, “but someday, I’d like to live a life based on doing good stuff instead of just not doing bad stuff. You know?” – Choke by Chuck Palahniuk “

4. Get engaged

“Find something that pisses you off and get engaged to change it.

4 years ago I decided I’d quit bitching and moaning about climate change and I would fucking ACT. So I got $20 and a shovel and started down a path that would change my life forever. I planted a fruit tree on my useless grass lawn.

4 years later I have a full blown food forest and am continuing to expand. It’s been fascinating to see what was previously a dead lawn, is now a thriving ecosystem. The bees came, the birds game, the squirrels and rabbits came. The deer came. But then the foxes and owls and hawks came. And even some wolves and coyotes.

I’m now pushing out further and futher, taking down dead monoculture cedar stand and weed pits, and putting up food systems. I’m digging ponds and putting water in for all the animals that now live on my land. I have surplus food that I donate to food drives. I even have agriculture groups that found out about my place and want to tour my property this fall.

All because I decided to stop being a lazy ass, get up off it, and plant a damn tree. In doing so, I found my passion, and even my purpose in life. Not to be a good father and good husband, but rather to engage people to help me save the planet and get more food growing on trees. Help decentralize the food system.

I have people from all over the world who watch my videos who tell me that they started systems on their properties on the other side of the planet – all because they watched my videos. It’s humbling, and it’s amazing what one small act can start.”

5. Here are some tasks

“Wake up early, make your bed, take a shower, get dressed in proper clothes, go for a walk, cook a meal, find some tunes you have never listened to, buy a puzzle, put down your phone, smile even if you aren’t happy, find something that delights you.”

6. Positive reinforcement

“Positive reinforcement my dude.

Take pride and feel good about the good choices you make.

Don’t criticize or condemn the bad decisions. Bad decisions help you learn and make better decisions in the future!”

7. A step at a time

“Stop calling yourself a useless lazy piece of shit.

Things seem overwhelming if you’ve let them build up and avoided them for a while. Responsibilities like chores and a job are bills you eventually have pay to yourself in the form of labor. You can’t fix it all in one day, it takes time. I was where you were for a long, long time. Feeling like I was worthless, lazy, etc. Take it a step at a time.”

8. The tiny things add up

“Do the tiniest thing possible that will make you feel even the tiniest sense of accomplishment. Clean your room. If that’s too much, maybe just make your bed and that’s it. Get those little “wins”, and use them as momentum to build up to bigger tasks/accomplishments.”

9. Be productive

“Practice being productive every single day. Recognize that motivation is fleeting, but discipline persists.”

10. You can’t be perfect

“Do things badly!

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Let go of that voice in your head that says that if you start something you need to finish it. (I bet it sounds like your mother) Let go of your perfectionism.

Wash one dish! Put your dirty clothes in a hamper! Go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for five minutes! Open a word document and write one run-on sentence of that novel you’ve been meaning to write for years! Inertia effects motivation the same way it does objects — once you are up and moving it will be easier.

Tomorrow you might be able to wash two dishes, walk for ten minutes, do a load of laundry, write three sentences of that novel — but if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up about it! Let yourself feel good for accomplishing what you could. Set small, achievable, even ridiculous goals and once you get used to reaching those on the regular, up them. Bit by bit, you will see progress.”

11. Compartmentalize

“Compartmentalize your tasks.

Do you have cleaning to do?
Make a check list and check off then items as you do them. It’ll feel like you’re getting more done.”

12. Avoid the negative

“Take pride in learning, growing, and find an outlet to express and utilize what you have learned. Stay around positive people, avoid negativity, and unplug from social media which can be a HUGE source of negativity.”

13. No labels

“Stop labeling yourself. Life doesn’t end when we cease applying labels to self and others. Life just gets easier and more fulfilling.”

14. This is a good one

“By realizing first that you are framing your life in this Protestant work ethic where you constantly feel you need to be productive to achieve merit. Then focus on the things you like and do them because you enjoy them.

Take time to get out of your headspace. Maybe make a list of short term goals and easily identifiable things you wouldn’t mind so ng or slowly adopting (but are not tied to your self worth if they are not completed) and slowly trickle in new lifestyle habits.”

15. Get out there!

“Find a hobby! Anything that you enjoy, just get out into the world.

Also, be kind to yourself, the more happiness you put in the world, the more you get out of it. That mindset has gotten me out of some pretty dark places.

Don’t be afraid to get out and meet people either, whether it’s in line at the grocery store, or a walk in the park. The more you get out, the higher chance of you meeting someone.

If you’re an introvert, pick up hiking! I grew up in a mountain town in Colorado, and when I was in high school, it was super hard for me to get outside. I didn’t like how I looked. I started to gain weight and my self confidence was nowhere to be found. Then one day I decided to get outside because I wanted to see a change in myself, and I found that hiking was really good for me. It cleared my mind and I was able to enjoy life one step at a time. After a couple of months I was seeing changes in me both mental and physical. It was really good for me! (Also when I was hiking I’d always have my dog with me and he’d make sure that we kept going for a long time)

I’m not saying that hiking is going to be what works for you, but I do encourage that you find something that clears your mind and that gets you in the right headspace.

Keep a good attitude as well! You’ll start noticing changes almost immediately! I wish you the best of luck, keep pushing forward! You got this!!”