Awwwwwwww. Now isn’t this a lovely topic? We spend so much of our time being bombarded with bad news, it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while about all the great stuff out there. Take a look at the AskReddit responses below from people who talk about the exact moment they knew their spouse was THE ONE.

Do you remember your moment?

1. Cleaning=Love

I asked my SO this once. His response: “Second date. I just knew you were the one for me the moment I picked you up that day. And then drinking beer and hanging out with you on the patio… I just loved hanging out with you from then on. You?”

Me:”That time you cleaned my fridge.”


Me:”Yup- it was so gross and you just handed me a beer and said ‘Don’t worry honey, I’ll take care of it. You just go sit down and have a beer.’ Right then, I remember thinking OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS MAN.”

When we were first dating, a leak from my freezer kept dripping water to the bottom of my fridge, under the crisper drawers, unbeknownst to me. Once the drawers were removed, there was a swamp of about 6 kinds of mold. It was absolutely disgusting. Like, picture Dagobah made of mold, hiding in your fridge and not realizing it was there because it’s hidden under a piece of plastic.

I had come back from a run and when I went to get an apple, something caught my eye when I opened the fruit drawer: there was a light bit of mold on the drawer in my fridge. Pulled out the drawer and saw the disaster. I was tired and sweaty from my run, and the mold just freaked me out. He just told me to relax and got to work. Loved him ever since.

2. “Crappy pink car”

Not married yet… But I will be in about 7 hours.

I knew I’d marry her on our first date. I picked her up in a crappy pink car that was leaking on her (leak in window seal). I took us to the ferry terminal… And got us on the wrong ferry. Instead of a 30 minute ride that got us to our destination for a 7pm dinner reservation, it was an hour long ride followed by a 45 minute drive that finally got us to dinner around 9:00. Oh – and she gets seasick. Upon getting to dinner, the waiter wished us happy anniversary. She could barely eat anything due to the nausea. I hadn’t paid attention to the return ferry schedule, so when we got back to the terminal around 10:15, we had an hour wait until the next ferry (previous one had left at 10:10).

So why did I know I’d marry her? She was incredibly kind and supportive through it all. She saw me getting visibly flustered on the ferry and reassured me that it was OK. When we got off the ferry, she helped me navigate the hour drive to dinner. At dinner, she was incredibly polite to the waiter. Good conversation was held throughout the whole ordeal.

When I finally dropped her off at home, she made it clear that she’d love to do something again.

At that moment, I knew that I wanted her by my side for all of life’s adventures. I almost Mosby’d it, but managed to catch myself.

I’m so incredibly happy to be marrying her this afternoon, and am on Reddit this early (630 pacific) because I’m too excited to sleep.

3. Big Foot

We traveled to California and drove aimlessly through heavy woods. We passed a Big Foot Museum. My SO told the shopkeeper a story about seeing a big foot as a kid, which lowered his guard, because I’m sure that guy gets made fun of, and we heard some fantastic stories about local big foot sightings. That was cool.

4. Show and Tell

When I realized that every time I found something I liked: a movie, a TV series, a book, a song or whatever, the first thing I would think is that I couldn’t wait to show her. It was like I couldn’t fully enjoy something until I shared it with her.

And pretty much 9 times out of 10 she loved all the same things. Still working on Monty Python though…

5. True Love

About a month or so into our dating relationship, I went out one random work night with a bunch of friends to grab drinks. After about 20 shots of whiskey, I jumped into a cab and ended up going to her apartment at around 5:00 in the morning. She buzzed me in, put me to bed, then left for work just 3 hours later.

When I woke up, I obviously had no recollection of the previous nights’ activities, and I had no idea how or why I ended up at my girlfriend’s apartment. But when I sat up from her bed, I noticed a tall glass of water on the night stand along with two aspirins and a gatordate. There was also a trash bin with kleenex tissues in case I needed to throw up.

The funny thing is, my girlfriend was not (and still is not) much of a drinker at all, and none of her friends are big time drinkers either. Since this was her first ever experience dealing with a black-out-drunk experience, she didn’t know how to handle the situation, so she googled “how to treat a hangover” and followed the internet’s advice. She could have easily been pissed that I woke her up at 5am on work night and left me to figure shit out on my own, but the fact that she went out of her way to find out how to make me feel as little pain as possible was truly a sign that she was the one.

And if that wasn’t enough, she also wrote an email on my behalf to my boss explaining how “sick” I was from a cold that I caught and further explained that I would not be making it into the office.

Half a year later, I popped the question and proposed. She said yes, and now we’re just a few months away from being married.

6. More like Old Bae, amiright?

She nonchalantly took a can of Old Bay out of her purse to season her fries while we were sitting in the food court of our college student union. I asked, “do you always carry Old Bay with you?” “Not always,” she replied.

7. Animal Lover

One day while mowing the grass he came into the house looking very distraught and tortured. This is very unusual for him because he’s pretty stoic and I think I’ve only seen him cry twice in 9 years. I asked what was wrong and he burst out with, “I accidentally ran over a frog that was trying to hop out the way of the lawnmower!!” He was honestly really upset at himself for it and then muttered something like, “Poor frog, just going about its day, completely unaware” and walk back outside all sad-like.

I don’t think it’s funny that the poor frog got ran over but I did have to try not to laugh in that instance for some reason. I knew then that I wanted to marry him.