15 People Share Secrets They Will Take with Them to the Grave


We all have secrets. Things we won’t ever tell anyone as long as we live. Not our parents, not our spouses. Not our siblings. NO ONE.

In this AskReddit article, people share the secrets that they intend to take with them to the grave…

Take a deep breath and read on.

1. Poor pup.

“Only I know that my mother-in-law killed her dog by sitting on it.”

2. That’s good thing.

“I had a sweet, wonderful student who had been in foster care but his mom worked her ass off to get him back and she did. He had to take a very important city [correction — state exam. I have no idea why I wrote city] exam and she called me and asked if he passed it. I looked at the grades and saw he did and said so. She burst into tears of joy and that is when I saw I had read the wrong score.

He had failed.

So I changed his grade to passing. No one knew. That was the only time I ever did that.

That could have cost me my license.

The weird thing is, when my awful corrupt principal pressured me to change other students’ scores so we could raise our pass rate, I refused.

I never told anyone what I did for my student.

He went into the military, was extremely successful there, has a great wife and kids, so I think I did the right thing.

Fuck those tests. They aren’t human.”

3. Can’t admit it.

“Mentioned before, will never tell anyone I had one of those expensive fancy life sized sex dolls. Got rid of it at first opportunity after getting a real partner. But it’s literally the only secret I have that I’m not willing to say to anyone in real life.”

4. That’s…odd.

“When I was a kid I used to shit in a tire in the garden because I was scared of getting locked in the toilet.”

5. Mommy dearest.

“I attempted to murder my mother. She was abusive, verbally but also physically. She’d hit you in places no one would see, or rip clumps of my hair out when Dad was on the road for work. She probably has a personality disorder. She got in my face one night when I was coming home from my second job, and I had it. My Mom like went through whole periods where she wouldn’t work, I was killing myself every summer working 50+ hours to pay family bills in my parents’ names and also get my younger sister to all of HER activities. I HAD IT. I tried to put Mom’s head through a wall.

She started screaming, “Oh, help! Help!” and I told her she could dish it out, she should also be able to take it, shoved her on the ground and kicked her repeatedly in the abdomen and thigh, while still trying to put her head through the wall with one hand (it’s a plaster-and-lath situation, old house in New England). I really fucked her up, and it felt good to do so. She’s destroyed so many people’s lives and she never faces any consequences for it. No one in our family ever helped me or called the police when she would abuse me. The only one who ever helped was the dog, if the dog was awake when my mom tried to start something she’d get between us, growl at mom until she backed down. I had always shown restraint and never hit her until this night. But my Dad did call the cops on me when I crossed that line.

The cops get there, split us up to interview, I explain my side and then just blurt out, “Where were you assholes when I was 8 and she was doing that to me?” The cop was taken aback, I think he could tell I was being honest and it was a culmination of years of shit and pain. He goes and talks to his partner, “I think this isn’t an assault, I think it’s a mental illness thing.”

Then they basically intimidated my Mom and Dad into agreeing with them, they wouldn’t let it go until they agreed it was a medical issue not a criminal one. So they called an ambulance and I went to the hospital as part of a “diversion program.” Basically, they sent me to detox for three days and I emerged with no record, no charges, no nothing except a script for prozac and a recommendation for therapy (paid for by the state low income insurance plan).

Trying to kill my mom probably saved my life, honestly. Because I got myself some tools from a CBT/DBT therapist, but I’m not stupid enough to want people to know. Who would date me? How would I ever get promoted at work? Anyway: be kind. You never know what someone’s been through and you never know what people are capable of when pushed far enough.”

6. Blamed it on you.

“My father burned down my childhood home for the insurance money. He took me along as his “alibi”, so I could verify he wasn’t anywhere near it when it happened. I was 13 years old. I remember crying so hard knowing my clothes, books, photos – all of it would be destroyed. I wasn’t allowed to save anything because he told me it would have been too suspicious. I found out years later he blamed it on me. Telling the fire chief (plus friends and family) the fire had started because I must have been secretly smoking in my bedroom. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life…”

7. This is dark.

“When I was 7 my dad was dating this woman and they seemed pretty happy, but she had a son who would molest me for months in my own room and eventually lead to him raping me. If I was to have told anyone that would break up our parents and I didn’t want my dad to be sad so I just took it.”

8. On his death bed.

“As a teenager, I had cancer multiple times and nearly died a lot. At one point, I spent several weeks in intensive care and survived despite no doctor thinking that I possibly could live. More than 20 years later, everyone I know still comments on how I survived purely on will to live. I actually spent every moment in that hospital bed in absolute agony, desperately wanting to die.”

9. Family scandal.

“My mother is cheating on my father and my father is cheating on my mother, they both know I know this but made me promise not to tell the other parent. Parents are fucked up sometimes.”

10. Don’t do it!

“My best friend will get married soon and I think its the greatest mistake of her life.”

11. Tormented.

“I used to be so depressed when I was young. I tried to kill myself and used to puke whenever I was alone in my house, because my grandmother and my cousins used to tell me that I was fat and ugly and a lot of really bad shit. I don’t have the heart to share that with my parents because they will be heartbroken and I still haven’t get over it completely to discuss it.”

12. No one knows.

“I actually made a new reddit account because I will not tell another living soul other than me about this.

When I was 7 or 8, I lived in a community where everyone knew each other and you can pretty much sleep without locking your doors. One night we had bunch of guests over and everyone was having fun conversing so I ask my mom for some money to buy a candy. There was a convenience store right outside our building literally 2 steps to the left from when you walk out the apartment. I go inside the store, buy my candy, and head out.

As I was walking towards our apartment, a guy grabs my hand and tells me to not scream. I was so scared that I couldn’t scream even if I wanted to ( i was 7 or 8). He takes me to few floors above to a secluded stairway where there are no cameras or people. He pulls down my pants and starts touching my penis. I was confused and scared to understand what his intentions were. He also had something against my neck and kept saying ” shh” . That object could have been a knife but I have no memory of it. about 5 minutes of him touching me, he goes down one flight of stairs to see if anyone is there, to my luck he sees an old woman and runs.

Idk what it was about that lady but till this day, I’m convinced that lady was an angel. Had she not been there the guy would have murdered me. Till this day, no one knows not even my parents and I’ll keep it that way till death.”

13. Ooops.

“I was the guy who accidentally dropped water on a gay couple kissing in the middle of the road to protest from my balcony it went viral in my country for a few days thank god nobody recognized me.”

14. This is intense.

“A guy who worked with my fiance wouldn’t stop sending her lewd texts, or trying to give her weirdd gropey inappropriate hugs at work. One day he tried to drag her into a broom closet but she fought him off. The business treated the sexual harassment claims like they were just “playful rough housing that was overreacted to.” So, I put on a ski mask, crouched behind his truck, and when he came out I
pepper sprayed him in the face, then beat the shit outta him with a tire iron. then I took his phone and wallet to make it look like a mugging.”

15. Regrets…

“I regret having kids. I’m not cut out for motherhood and there is not a maternal bone in my body. Maybe it’s PPD or just this stage of life but I will seek therapy. I love my kids and I will never say anything or hint about my feelings, it’s not their fault.”