15 People Share Stories of Wild Bachelor Parties That Got Weddings Called Off

Ouch. You know these stories aren’t gonna be pretty…at all.

People on AskReddit shared stories about bachelor parties that ultimately obliterated upcoming wedding plans.

1. The bachelorette

“My wife’s friend called off her wedding a week before the ceremony. She lived several hundred miles away for school but came back to her hometown two weeks before the wedding to make sure everything was lined up and have her bachelorette party. In the course of her visit, she came across an old boyfriend (who was also engaged) and things “sparked” up again. They agreed they should each leave their fiancés and give their relationship another shot.

Turns out, he didn’t keep up his end of the bargain, and she is still single today.”

2. That’s one way to do it

“My dad and his friends took a buddy by canoe to an island to get drunk the night before the wedding. He told them all he didn’t want to go through with it but couldn’t figure out how to get out of it. When he woke up in the morning, they had stranded him on the island, he missed the wedding, his buddies were branded as the jerks. Groom to be was relieved.”

3. Time to go to detox

“I see a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties in my line of work. I actually have a few of these memories.

The first that comes to mind was an interesting night where the bachelor party was happening at one bar and the bachelorette party was in the bar down the block. At the groom to be’s party I get a call for help from the place. It’s a tame security call. Just a couple getting it on in a bathroom. The bar wanted them booted. I find out the dude is the groom to be and the girl is just some random chick.

The chick goes off on her own and now I’m with the groom outside. He’s drunk and almost uncontrollable. I am trying to find him a way home safe. His bros were all drunk and kept the party going without him. After a while, the bride to be and her gals come walking down the street. A couple people around chime in and tell her why I am there dealing with him. She breaks down and calls the wedding off right there. He ended up going to detox that night.”

4. Scandalous!

“I traveled with my wife (then girlfriend) to a wedding she was in. I told my wife there is something going on between the bride and the maid of honor. She laughed. Two weeks after the wedding the brides Facebook goes dark. The bride and maid of honor are now living together in another state. I still talk about how I called it within an hour of meeting them. Poor groom… super nice dude.”

5. Dodged a bullet

“I know a guy who seemingly had his life together: great career, lots of friends, beautiful fiancee.

He had a tendency to drink too much while partying, and a few weeks before the wedding he woke up in the hospital with serious injuries due to a non-automotive drunken accident. The scariest part for him was that he didnt remember a thing past leaving the party to walk home. Did he fall and hit his head? Did someone attack him and leave him for dead?

The thought of that scared him, and he decided to sober up. It also caused him to reflect on his life, and he realized his fiancee was manipulative, controlling, and he’d never be happy living with someone like that. He has some long term damage from the injury, but he’s still sober, spends much of his free time for a charitable cause, and dodged a serious bullet (a bad marriage) as a result of that horrible injury so he oddly came out ahead in the end.”

6. Classy!

“The bride came to the bar asking if we had seen the groom as he was needed for some photographs or cutting the cake, can’t quite remember. None of the staff had seen him so she went outside, only to return a few minutes later in tears. She had caught the groom getting with the Maid of Honor…her sister. All out family war commenced with extra guests just sitting there enjoying the buffet. Worst part was hearing the bride cry “I can’t believe this happened again”, I really felt bad for her because she was lovely.”

7. Runaway groom

“I bartend weddings fairly often and work directly with wedding planners all the time and meet with the bride and groom to be to talk things through and create a sense of familiarity. Each time I met the groom he just kind of seemed out of it but I chalked it up to stress. Day of the wedding before the ceremony the wedding planner comes over and asks for a couple shots for herself, she doesn’t drink on jobs so I ask her why. Apparently things were about to get started but the groom was missing and wasn’t responding to phone calls so everyone is looking for him then one of the brides maids disappears.

Not long after the brother of the groom gets a text from the groom saying he and the bridesmaid are in love and they’re running away to elope and that he’ll call him after. Everyone is getting antsy waiting for things to start and they’ve all been waiting like 2 hours. Now the wedding planner has to tell 150 people that the wedding is off and explain to the parents what happened while the wedding party is consoling the bride.”

8. This one is out of control

“Ex-girlfriend was going to a friend of a friends bachelorette party, mainly for her friend who didn’t want to go solo.

Anyway, I knew they were going to a strip club and expected to hear all about those shenanigans. She text me when they were leaving, the bride had payed for two of the strippers to come back with them. They went back and the show continued. Everyone seemed like they were having fun, but generally playing by the rules. Nothing that doesn’t go on at tons of bachelorette parties.

At some point things took a turn. Then, things went the way they usually do with sexually charged people. People started screwing. Turned into two of the girls having sex with the strippers. Then the bride.

There was no wedding.”

9. Saddest party ever

“A friend of mine in college had been engaged to her high school sweet heart. Plan was for them to get married after she graduated. She was one of those that dreamed of her wedding since she was a little girl. She had been planning FOREVER!!! A week before the wedding, he leaves without a trace, except a note saying I can’t marry you.

She was devastated. We still had a party with the wedding cake, food, etc. because it had all been paid for already. Saddest party ever. She ran into him a few years later at an 80’s dance club wearing a mesh shirt and a taxi hat making out with a dude. Saw it coming!!!”

10. Annulled

“Guy and girl are getting married, she was the kind of girl to have slept with almost every male in my wider group of friends at some stage.

I met the maid of honour at the ceremony and remember thinking she was a little off but couldn’t place it. Mainly because of all the drinking and meeting people.

Within a week the marriage was annulled and she and the maid of honour have been with each other ever since.

Funny thing is looking back it’s all so obvious.

Plus he was a massive douche canoe, so didn’t worry about it too much.”

11. Two engagements

“Not because of the party. But day of the wedding Grooms family is patiently waiting. Brides family hasnt shown. Brides mother finally arrives and says that Bride has discovered Groom has a second fiance in another state and wedding is off. Rehearsal dinner photos on Facebook and someone tagged the wrong girl assuming that was his fiance he had been talking about. Except it was the other fiance. So Bride see her tagged as someone else and messages from out of town friends about “Cant wait to meet her why wasnt I invited?” “

12. In da club

“Strip club manager here,

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. 5 man bachelor party comes into work. Kinda tipsy and having a good time but not being disruptive. They are hanging out for a while and they are great, throwing money and overall being pleasant. At this point they have done nothing wrong. About 2 hours in, my front door flings open and in barge 4 very very drunk women. They storm right past security, make a beeline for the group and what I later learned was the bride, proceeds to beat the absolute fuck out of the groom. Like real domestic abuse type shit. Then 2 of the other ladies proceed to botch at than attack the best man and another guy. Me and my team bolt over to try and separate the clusterfuck that just transpired pulling the ladies off the guys who looked just as surprised as we were.

We drag them outside and the guys all follow out. The bride start going absolutely apeshit on the groom saying how she can’t believe he’d go to a strip club to see naked bitches before their wedding. The groom starts yelling saying it’s not a big deal etc. The maid of honor and best man (who were apparently married) also are having the same discussion.

The fun really gets turned to 11 when the quiet female (up to this point) walks up and slaps the dog shit out of the groom wondering why she wasnt good enough. Apparently they had dated years ago and she never got over him. Also apparently the bride did NOT know this information. Bridezilla goes OFF. Start beating the fuck out of quiet chick, like… attempted murder levels of violence. While groom, me and another security guy are trying to stop a murder in my parking lot, best man and maid of honor are still arguing. Once we separate bride and quiet chick, all we hear is best man scream fuck this! Walks over, tells groom he fucked the bride like 3 years ago at a party with the maid of honor and he didn’t want him to marry her.

Groom surprisingly is calm… turns to bride and says the wedding was off. She starts freaking out crying apologizing and begging as he walks in the club to pay his tab…

Craziest night at work ever.”

13. Trips to the UK, huh?

“Well it wasn’t a bachelor party but a couple months before the wedding it was discovered she was leading a double life.

Her frequent work trips to the UK were actually trips to a few hour drive away where she was living with another guy. Telling him the same story but in reverse.

Wedding was called off. Much money was lost. Not sure what her plan was…”

14. False allegations

“Happened in May, wifes side of family. Bachelorette party, 2 strippers, gets crazy. Bride was drinking but not drunk. Then she vanishes. Her bridal party, including her sister, sister-in-laws, cousin-in-laws, cousins, and my wife’s sister head back to the hotel to find her. And they do…in bed with one of the strippers who happened to be a black guy. Not thinking that she could have possibly consented to this, they called the cops and rape charges were filed. Cops arrest the dude.

Wedding gets canceled because how can you have a wedding 3 days after the bride was viciously raped. Shit doesn’t add up, detective on the case sees what is up and basically tells bride in front of her mom about false allegations. Mom flips out, threatens to sue, bride looks like shit, comes clean privately to detective. Mom still believes her little princess was raped. Couple got married at courthouse a few weeks later. No clue what her husband thinks. I only met the dude once and not since the events. Hope to never see either again.”

15. Awkward AF

“This happened to one of my oldest friends who I met in preschool, our families were friends, they moved out of state in middle school but we kept in touch. Cut to our 20s- He gets engaged to his gf that he was living with, everything sounds good, I got the invite and was making plans to travel for the wedding. They had a joint bachelor/bachelorette weekend in Vegas with their wedding party and I coincidentally was out there the same weekend visiting family, so I joined them out one night.

It was awkward AF. I can’t really describe the tension. Fiancé didn’t even say hi or acknowledge me when I said congrats (first time meeting her too). Everything was disorganized, no one knew what was going on, we kinda wandered from place to place til we settled at a bar in a hotel. I never saw the bride and groom next to each other all night let alone talking.

They got in different cabs from one place to the other even though it was not separated by guys and girls, but one big party. I ended up hanging out mostly with my friend’s older brother and his gf. I got the weirdest vibe off the situation and when I got back I told my SO I wanted to hold off buying the plane tickets and wasn’t sure I wanted to make the effort and pay a lot of money to travel to a wedding that I felt so uneasy about.

Maybe two weeks later my friend calls to ask if I’ve bought tickets yet. Not yet… Good he says, the wedding is off. Fiancé decided she was in love with one of the groomsmen and she moved in with him. The groomsman that lived fucking next door to them. She claims she never cheated while they were together and it just happened… right. I think she and groomsman got married some time later, but my friend was stuck in the lease living next to them for several months.”

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