15 People Share the Moment They Knew They Were Getting Old

The fact is that every last one of us – if we’re lucky – will get old. What’s really funny is how hard it is to even remember what you were like when you were young, once you reach a certain age.

Like, I guess there’s nothing to do but just accept the inevitable.

These 15 people are right there, and recall the moment they realized they were not as young as they used to be.

15. That one gets you right in the feels.

Anytime I hear a song I grew up with played on a oldies or classic station

14. It really is a shame.

When I couldn’t sleep without hurting something on me.

Currently stuck awake because I hurt my shoulder sleeping.

13. An excellent turn of phrase.

When everything started hurting all the time.

Get up from sitting down, back pain. getting up in the morning, full body pain.

Do any type of exercise, excruciating pain for multiple days.

Started taking ibuprofen like motha’f%ckin tic tacos.

12. Who doesn’t love socks?

One year I didn’t get any socks for Christmas and was disappointed.

11. No getting around it.

My wife and I had a 20-minute long discussion about fiber.

That was it.

We were officially old right then.

10. Everyone looks so young!

Went back to my university town for a wedding.

Group of friends went to the club we all used to go, left in shock 5min later because everyone there looked about 12 years old.

Ended up going to the ‘oldies pub’ instead.

9. Never doing that again.

I tried to skip steps on the stairs.

Brain was totally unaware legs couldn’t do it. Ate sh%t.

8. It just keeps going by faster.

I had a dream the other day about being in high school again, then I woke up and realized I was 28.

Then it dawned on me that I’m actually 38…

7. Yeah, that one hurts.

When the new person I was training at work told me she was born in 2002.

“Where were you on 9/11?”

“Not born yet”

6. I am fast approaching this one.

When I was older than my doctor.

5. Especially the women.

Seeing the celebrities you grew up watching, grow very old and irrelevant in Hollywood, and realizing how even more old and irrelevant you will become

4. An excellent analogy.

I left my blue and white pie dish at my aunt’s house after Thanksgiving. My mom had to bring it to me a few days later.

The whole time, my husband was on the side of “if you care that much about a pie plate, you probably should leave it at home so it doesn’t get lost.”

I, on the other hand, felt that since it was a lovely pie plate, it should be used and shown off. It’s the adult version of having a favorite toy that you want everyone to see, but also don’t want to lose.

3. Ooof. That’s definitely a moment.

Someone asked me for sauce the other day and I had to urban dictionary.

2. Young people are especially clueless.

When you bring up events, actors, music or shows that everyone knows about, and discover that no one knows what you are taking about

1. I think this watching television shows, too.

I saw a very attractive girl in her late teens/early twenties shopping with her mom and thought “Wow that is one smoking hot mom.”

I’ve definitely experienced more than a few of these myself!

What was your defining “I’m old” moment? Share it with us in the comments!