15 People Share the Myths They Think People Need to Stop Believing

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Did you grow up believing in any old wives tales or family superstitions that you later found out were complete rubbish?

We all did to one degree or another, and these AskReddit users shared the ones they want to be exposed as LIES.

1. Don’t do that

“Just saw this on here the other day and nearly stroked over it:


If you do, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

2. Weed talk

“That weed has no negative consequences around it and can’t possibly cause any harm whatsoever.

BTW I’m all for legalization but weed worshippers tend to spout off nonsense about it.”

3. Charging

“To discharge electronics completely before recharging.

This is only true for the older nickel style batteries, but almost everything produced today has lithium-ion batteries. A lithium battery’s ability to hold a charge DECREASES the more times it’s charged and discharged.

The best case scenario to keep your phone’s battery in good shape is to charge that MF’er as much as humanly possible, not to let it die on you.”

4. Lie!


5. I hope not

“Cracking knuckles is bad for you.”

6. Still…don’t do it

“The fact that chocolate is insta-death for dogs.

I still wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog chocolate, but if your dog licks something chocolate it’s very unlikely to die. It’s more often than you’d probably expect that I’m hanging with someone and they freak out over their dog getting a small bit of chocolate. It’s obnoxious and unnecessary.”

7. Might be true for a lot of people

“You only use 10% of your brain”
Then again if you believe in that myth, you actually might only be using 10%.”

8. Not true

“That when a snake stretches out its body near a human or animal it means it is “sizing up its prey”. This is a complete myth with no basis in reality, snakes are ambush predators and if they had to stretch out to size up prey they’d never get a meal and would risk being injured by its prey.”

9. My bad

“That wrong=stupid. I feel like a lot of the issues with the world today is that no one wants to be wrong, making them look stupid. Being wrong is how you learn, and no one will belittle you if you say “whoops, I was wrong. My bad.” “

10. Autism

“Being autistic, I have a few myths regarding autism I’d like to clear up:

Vaccines don’t cause autism. No-one knows for certain what autism is caused by, but vaccines aren’t one of them. The signs of autism simply occur at the same age when most kids get their vaccines.

You might as well say that autism is caused by potty-training.
Not every autistic person is like Rain Man or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Autism has a lot of common traits (stimming, lack of social awareness,hyper-fixations, hypersensitivity, etc), which manifest differently from person to person. Some exhibit a few very obvious traits, others have several minor traits. It’s like a big buffet where everyone takes different numbers and amounts of the same group of food.

Even if you give an autistic person your firstborn, they can’t spin straw into gold for you. Autistic people can only spin straw into copper. Not as valuable, but much more versatile in industrial applications.”

11. A lot of people believe this

“That you have to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person report. Do not do this! If somebody has gone missing, report it as soon as you realize so that action can be taken immediately and the person can be found before it is too late.”

12. Myth

“Nobody is putting drugs into Halloween candy.”

13. Cinco de Mayo

“Cinco de Mayo is NOT “Independence Day” for the country of Mexico.

It is actually the celebration of the victory of the Mexican Army over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.”

14. Beware

“Using a phone while your car is being fueled doesn’t cause an explosion.”

15. Not a believer

“The the relative alignment of stars that are lightyears away from Earth have anything to do with someone’s personality.”