15 People Share the Overpriced Things They Still Buy

Admit it

You still buy some things even though they are way overpriced, don’t you?

It’s okay, we all do that!

And today we’re going to hear what AskReddit users had to say about this.

Let’s take a look!

1. Well, you were hungry.

“The $12 breakfast burrito from the sign on the food truck at my kid’s volleyball tournament, and I go to pay and he says “That’ll be $17″.

I stood there dumbstruck for a second so he felt he had to repeat it. Starving dumba** me just ground my teeth and handed him a twenty.”

2. Pure laziness.

“Uber Eats’ delivery fees.

The extent of my laziness cannot be overstated when I’m an educator on winter break and fully immersed in goblin mode.”

3. The good stuff.

“Kerrygold butter.

Kerrygold’s color is gold. Regular American butter is pale and barely yellow. The difference in taste is also as stark as the contrast in color.

I’m hardly one to be picky about most things, but I can’t even deny that Kerrygold is very different than regular American butter.”

4. Might as well.


I could always buy cheap ones, but I’d rather pay money to have nice frames that I actually like wearing rather than a pair I couldn’t care less about.”

5. You kinda need it…

“Toilet paper.

After people panic bought in 2020, it’s so much more than it used to be. Stands out against the rising price of everything else.”

6. Insane.

“Health insurance/ medical supplies.

For our family of five, the insurance premiums, deductible, and medications come to about $35,000 a year.”

7. Used cars.

“Cars, at least in my area.

Brand new cars are few and far between.

And it’s not unusual to see used cars with prices 10k to 12k above what the price was a year and a half ago.

It’s insane.”

8. Out of control.

“Concessions at sporting events.

As much as I try my best to eat before I go and resist the urge to buy beer when I am there, some days, seeing others enjoying their beer and food/snacks make me say “eff it” and I indulge too.”

9. Darn it!


I don’t usually buy lettuce for myself at home, but my f**king guinea pigs have demands.

Never would’ve ever guessed a rodent would cost so much to take care of”

10. Bad news.

“Housing in general.

Even people who can afford a house are paying double than 10 years ago.

And this group obviously gets smaller and smaller.”

11. Gotta have ’em.

“Utz large bag potato chips used to be 2 bags for $6 at my supermarket.

Now it’s one bag for $4.99.”

12. What?!?!

“Concert tickets.

My wife wanted us to go to a concert recently. She told me the tickets would be more than $700. I asked her if we were going to be witnessing the return of Jesus.

When I was going to concerts in my teens and early 20s, $50 was considered expensive for a ticket. Most were around $35.”

13. Way too much.

“Eggs used to be $0.99/dozen (on sale), otherwise about $1.29 four years ago.

They’re now $4.49+ on sale prices. I’ve seen $5.49 for a dozen!”

14. Yup.

“Everything post Covid.

Inflation should be told like the weather. “8 percent but it feels like 350”.”

15. Gouged.

“Fruits, milk, veggies, meat, olive oil, mattress, vacuum cleaner and the list goes on.

Every f’in thing is 40-50% expensive now.

Feels like price gouging.”

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