15 People Share the Purchases That, in Essence, Bought Them Happiness

Image Credit: Pixabay

They say money can’t buy happiness, but if you’ve ever taken an awesome trip, purchased the perfect pair of shoes, or given a gift that made your kids light up, well…you’re probably not convinced that’s totally true.

These 15 people aren’t, either. Here are the buys that left them thinking happiness might be for sale.

15. Okay, this one might actually be true.

Debt and mortgage free.


14. Where you can also learn what happiness is!

Therapy sessions.

13. This just cracked me up. It’s the simple things.

I went into Goodwill earlier and bought one of them old fashioned ball attached to a cup with string toys.

I’ve been playing with it off and on for hours.

Best .99 ever spent.

12. What is less stress worth to you?

My pet bunny, massages, vacations, good food, time off of work.

Having more money would mean I could spend my time doing what I actually like and care about, and that I would be much less stressed and could relax more.

11. Friendships are priceless.

Look man, I spent 1500 dollars on a gaming PC and met the best friends of my life on discord.

Known them for six years now and going strong.

Also have you tried most drugs?

10. It might not last forever, but…

A new mattress. I wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy now, and sleeping well makes me feel happy.

9. I have to agree!

Vacations. Being able to go anywhere anytime.

Explore, live in a nice hotel, have other people make your food and clean your room.

Travel brings happiness and it costs money.

8. Free dogs also make you happy. Just saying.

My dog.

I paid money for my dogs and there’s nothing that makes me happier.

7. You can’t put a price on that!

Gym membership.

I bought self esteem.

6. It took way too long for someone to say books.

Books & my cat.

5. A little refuge from the world.

My mattress, heated mattress pad, and flannel sheets bring me a lot of joy as I lie in bed and listen to the wind outside.

4. It makes them happy, too!

Goodies for the backyard wildlife.

I don’t even want to say what I spend on snacks for wild animals. They make me happy, though.

I get stupidly excited to see how stupidly excited they are for free easy snacks.

I’ve even bought medication for one when I couldn’t get any help from animal clinics and shelters, it made me happy just watching him recover.

3. I, too, am an advocate of good food.

Some good a** food, tickets to the movies, and video games.

Seriously, people underestimate the value of going to the movies by yourself, it’s cool as f**k.

2. And this puts it all in perspective.

Anyone who says money can’t bring happiness has never been down to their last pack of turkey hot dogs…

1. It’s impossible not to smile riding one.

Money can’t buy happiness, really?

Do you live in America?

Because it buys a WaveRunner

Not going to lie, I’ve grabbed a few of these and can confirm they made me super happy.

Not forever, though, so maybe that’s what the saying means? It’s talking about like, the kind of soul-deep happy that makes you satisfied with life. Okay…that probably can’t be exchanged for cash.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought? Share it with us in the comments!