15 People Share the Really Stupid Movies That They Secretly Love

©Flickr,Paloma Baytelman

What are some really, really bad movies that you love even though you could never admit it to anyone? I’m talking about stuff you’d even feel uncomfortable telling your significant other?

AskReddit users weighed in and shared theirs.

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“The Day After Tomorrow.

I mean… They outrun the cold… THEY OUTRUN THE COLD.

But damn if I don’t enjoy that movie every single time I watch it.”

2. A solid choice

“Deep Blue Sea. It has Samuel L Jackson, genetically modified sharks, and explosions. What more could you ask for?”

3. You’re not alone

“Romie and Michelle’s high school reunion.”

4. Remember this one?

“Major Payne. Loved it as a kid and I still enjoy it now.”

5. I’m out in the open about this one

“Point Break. It has some of the simultaneously best and worst dialogue ever committed to film but it’s AWESOME.


6. Intense

“Definitely Twister, the scene where the semi truck gets tossed like a toy and their Ram 1500 is driving along like nothing always geeks me out. Not to mention about 20 other scenes of similar insanity.”

7. A hidden gem

“Down Periscope. So many weird yet memorable characters.”

8. A great film

“Hot shots: Part Deux.”

9. Very nice

“Rat Race


10. Yes!

“She’s All That.”

11. Hmmmm


12. A national treasure

“Drop Dead Gorgeous. I laugh hysterically at that and Allison Janey is a national treasure.”

13. NATM

“Not Another Teen Movie.

I’m 40 and I will stop and watch that movie every time it comes on.”

14. A cult classic

“Starship Troopers. It just never gets old or boring and there’s so much humor in it.”

15. Not bad

“Mars Attacks. The ACK ACK noise the Martians make makes me laugh throughout the entire movie. No one I know will admit to liking the movie.”