15 People Share the Small Roles That Left a Lasting Impression

When we decide what movie or television show to watch next, who’s starring in it will often sway us one way or another. We’re looking for the big names, the faces we recognize, and the talent we depend on to keep us entertained.

That said, it’s often the smaller characters who bring those shows or movies to life, and on rarer occasions, they’re also the ones that keep us coming back – or the ones that stick in our minds going forward.

Here are 15 roles that were meant to be small, but that viewers just couldn’t shake afterward.

15. She doesn’t even need a name to be memorable.

Now that’s really something.

14. Every single character in Mean Girls is perfection.

There is no way to complain about this movie. Full stop.

13. Who could have guessed how iconic this role would become?

Not even Drew Barrymore, I bet.

12. She really nailed this.

And elevated it, honestly.

11. I think we sometimes forget how little screen time he had.

He definitely used it to his full advantage.


10. He’s the best part of many of them.

Which I don’t think is saying a lot, but there you go.

9. The maid in the original version was great, too.

It’s just a fun part, I think.


8. Stockard Channing never lets us down.

She’s literally always the best.

7. A great role in a great series.

We’ll never forget it.

6. There are so many great roles in The Office.

This is one of the most underrated, I think.

5. I just love her.

She’s great in everything she does.

4. In a film full of great performances, she shines.

As usual, of course. Just an emotional punch.

3. Some of the most quotable lines in the film, right?

She just made the most of her time, for sure.

2. We’re all just chanting along, right?

I know I am, because yay!

1. She nailed those ten minutes.

The most memorable part of the movie, I think.

I agree with all of these – characters I’ll never forget, to be sure.

What part would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!