15 People Share the Things About Their Country That Make Them Proud

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Although I seriously question our political leadership most of the time, I truly believe that the United States is a great place to be from and to call home.

Yes, other countries have wonderful aspects to them and I love to travel, but America is the ultimate melting pot in the world and offers a lot of opportunities across our enormous, diverse country.

And I don’t care what people abroad may say, the majority of Americans are nice, decent people who all want the same thing: a decent job, good healthcare (we’re still working on that one), and a safe place for their family.

AskReddit users sounded off about what makes them proud of their respective countries.

1. A view from Egypt.

“So since I haven’t seen any comments about Egypt yet, here goes nothing. I’m proud of how the people help each other. It’s just a very social country.

I can just call across the street to my friend and he’ll be down in 30 seconds. Even if all the government operations aren’t effective, we still survive.”

2. That is a nice gesture.

“Kenya, when the Maasai tribe donated 14 cows to US in sympathy after the 9/11 attacks.”

3. Viva Mexico!

“As a Mexican, I have to admit that our government has gone to shit. But, we do have an amazing food culture.”

4. The great outdoors.


Don’t need to drive/fly far away for some of the best skiing resorts in the world.”

5. The Netherlands.

“Our ability to control water.

The work the Dutch put in to make this land livable with the dam-systems earns my respect.”

6. Sounds like paradise.

“Costa Rica.

Our beautiful and varied landscapes, everything from tundra to rain forest to deserts. More than 25% of our land is protected by the government are are a refuge for all the animals and biodiversity on land and in the oceans. And around 99% of our energy comes from renewable sources.

It’s also a true democracy when it comes to voting, our presidents aren’t always that great but at least we the people choose them directly.”

7. They do produce great writers.

“Russian literature probably.

It serves as a great example of our natural ability to turn our suffering into art and base our national culture on it.”

8. Scandinavian pride.

“I’m proud of Finland’s great education system, landscapes and so many other great things.

And with the recent events I’m proud how the government has put in their best effort to seize the spreading of the COVID-19.”

9. This is at the top of my list.

“Brazil, oh, what an amazing country.

The replies on this commentary says everything! The cosine, from the rich man’s house to the old lady in the “favela”. The diversity, both in nature and people. The music, that lots of people around the globe enjoy. The beauty, for sure its a beautiful country.

The amazing people that lived here, I will not say names because I don’t want to write that many lines. The internet community, most of the community that speaks english are pretty nice. The humor, when its bad its bad, but when its good its REALLY good.

The crazy things that happen here. The Brazil english speaker can confirm all of this. Its not perfect, actually its far away from it. But we are Brazilians and we never give up.”

10. A good sense of humor is important.

“Scottish people are funny fuckers.

We have a dark sense of humour even in the worst circumstances.”

11. A beautiful country.

“Italy is art.

There’s art everywhere, literally. And we have sea, mountains, plains, hills, rock and sand, forests and cities, lakes, rivers, the old and the modern perfectly balancing together. I love Italy.”

12. USA!

“US: the public library system.

Yes, there are more libraries in America than McDonald’s.

About 14,000 McDonald’s And over 116,000 libraries in the US.”

13. Deutschland.

“As a German, I am proud of our achievements in music, art and technology, of Made in Germany as a trademark of quality, of the way our country overcame its separation after the cold war.

And there are a lot of beautiful places here, the Alps in the south, pure white sanded beaches in the north.”

14. The photos are amazing.

“I’m from Iceland and I have to say that I’m super proud of its nature.

I mean it’s definitely special and so unique!”

15. Luck of the Irish.


I love our tendency to be both remarkably straightforward and sensible when it counts while also not being able to hold a serious conversation even in passing with strangers. Every subject is a target for barbed humour.

We also managed to retain our sense of community when the rest of the world seems to have become so self-involved.”

Good stuff! I hadn’t thought about some of those things before…and I really need to go on an international trip because it’s been quite a while.

How about you? What things about your country are you proud of?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments, please!