15 People Share The Things They Can’t Own Enough Of

Some of these things are physical and some aren’t, but I’m guessing we could all make at least a short list of things we’d like to double and triple up on if we could.

Whether it’s stocking up on items we need to do our favorite hobby or having more time to spend with friends, these 15 people definitely have some good ideas about what we would hoard if we could.

15. If you know you know.


I grew up poor. We never had enough socks and underwear.

The socks I did have all had holes and none of them matched. Today as an adult I spend extra money and keep a solid stock of very nice comfortable and luxurious socks and underwear.

14. I am out of these, too.

F**ks , I really need to get more. But due to budget cuts the light at the end of the tunnel has been shut off.

They’re not worth very much, tbh. Honestly, having and maintaining f**ks is just a lot of wasted effort imo

14. That sounds like a problem.

I own very little of my soul and those things are expensive af

13. We could all use more of that.

Currency of all shapes and sizes. But serious answer? The only thing useful to everyone everywhere.

Knowledge and the wisdom of when and how to use it.

12. I mean at least.


I have one dog. I want at least one more dog.

11. An excellent list.

Cool cars, guitars and Lego. And tools. And money. And socks.

10. You cannot have too many.

Pizza rolls. You cannot have too many in your home. You probably wouldn’t be able to afford the amount of pizza rolls required to completely fill up your house anyway.

Unless it’s a NY apartment. I heard those are tiny, glorified closets.

9. Underrated for sure.

High quality white tees.

They’re hard to keep clean but they’re fantastic for when you just don’t want to think about what to wear and they go with everything.

8. We’re greedy.

GME stock.

Enough is definitely owned, but I would definitely like some more please.

7. But will you remember to charge them?

Wireless headphones, for me its easy to lose an earbud.

6. These are my people.

Books, at which anyone who knows me would roll their eyes as I have more books than any one person probably should.

There is no “too many books,” there is only “not enough shelves.”

5. We’re all feeling this.

Travel memories 😢

For me, getting in contact with other cultures and places are the epitome of humanity, and traveling is the best thing you can do with money. My dream and obsession with traveling are the only thing that made me endure a heavy depression some years ago, and it remains a goal that i’m pursuing.

Too bad i live in a country with shit economy with heavy taxes, it’s SUPER EXTRA EXPENSIVE to buy even cheap tickets to Europa/NA/Asia, and it takes several years saving money since i’m lower-middle class.

But i won’t give up tho. And i suggest people reading this to pull the trigger and see for yourself how life-changing can be an exchange experience studying a language, volunteering or just traveling for fun.

4. No one can.


Can never have enough of it.

3. I would like some information on this as well.

Solid gold bars. Anyone care to help me with that? Edit: omg people actually giving me reddit gold lmao thank you ❤️❤️❤️

2. Shrek is life.

Shrek merchandise. I have all the movies, posters, t shirts, bed comforter, costumes, stuffed animals and toys.

I still do not have enough. I will never have enough. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

1. Hard agree.

Currently, money and period products. Overall, I’d say books. Never have enough of those.

These are all totally fair answers, honestly. I’d like a bit more of this stuff myself.

What’s something you’d like more of? Let us know how you’re feeling in the comments!