15 People Share the ‘Unwritten Rules’ They Think People Should Follow

©Flickr,Emilio Küffer

We all have our creeds and set of rules that we follow in life. And they are unique to us and shaped through our experiences.

AskReddit users shared the unwritten rules they follow in their lives.

What are your unwritten rules in life? Share in the comments below?

1. Words to live by

“Don’t mess up an apology with an excuse.”

2. Don’t be a bum

“Dont ask for something if the person only has one left.(Gum,cigarette,piece of cake etc.).”

3. Be respectful

“Leave it in a better condition than you found it.”

4. Fill ‘er up

“If you borrow someone’s car… fill up the tank before you return it.”

5. Get your own

“If you’re borrowing it for a third time, you need one of your own.”

6. This is HUGE

“If you use up all of the toilet paper, you go refill it (this applies for the household).”

7. No snuggles

“Give people their personal space. Not everyone wants to snuggle a stranger.”

8. It’s okay to be wrong

“You can be wrong. It isn’t a bad thing, either. And when you are wrong, acknowledge it, and learn from it, you don’t need to dig down in your beliefs to try and comfort yourself because you can’t handle not being right all the time.”

9. Let them laugh

“Never make fun of someone else’s laugh, be it how they sound or how they look. Laughing is the most natural expression of joy and happiness and for someone to feel self-conscious about that because of other’s comments is so brutal.”

10. It is mindblowing

“If someone asks you a question, finish what you’re saying with, “what about you?”

Enjoy noticing how many people actually don’t do this.”

11. Your responsibility

“If you have to cancel on a friend, it should be your responsibility to reschedule.”

12. I feel like everyone should know this

“Don’t start drama at a funeral.”

13. Everyone should do this

“Be kind to strangers even if you’re having a hard time.”

14. Why would anyone do this?

“Don’t propose at someone else’s wedding.”

15. Never, ever, ever do that

“Don’t just say things like “I love your baby bump!” to some random person.”