Twitter Users Reveal Their Most “On Brand” Stories from Childhood, and They Are Awesome

Photo Credit: Twitter

Most of us have some embarrassing, quirky stories from childhood. For example, I was dropped (gently) off the end of a diving board after everyone involved got tired of me walking to the end of the board and chickening out. Am I still risk-averse? You betcha.

Twitter user Kathryn Brightbill kicked off a thread of similarly “on brand stories” with this tweet:

Then she shared her own “on brand” story:

The tweet quickly went viral, with 13 thousand comments and likes.

Many of the responses were sweet, like this one, about an awesome mom:

And this one, about an endearing young reader:

Some on brand stories predicted future careers, like one about working in publishing:

Or directing:

Or a marine scientist:

And some were just indicative of…shall we say, a certain personality type?

What’s your “on brand” childhood story?