15 People Share the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

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Have you ever done something in your life that made you feel really terrible and you regretted it for years and years?

If so, then you are the exact opposite of these people. In this AskReddit thread, 15 people reveal the worst things they’ve ever done that they don’t feel the least bit bad about. This should be interesting…

1. Mother

“I refused my mom when she said she was going to be homeless if I didn’t give her money. She said she would be sleeping on a bench if I didn’t help her. I told her to get warm blankets. It was hard. The next day she checked herself into rehab.”

2. No regrets

“I ended contact with a guy that has Aspergers. I’m usually easy going and nice, but this guy just rubbed everyone in our friend group the wrong way. He was edgy for no reason and would force conversation on topics that only interested him.

Things came to a head when he got creepy with one of the girls, and commented how he imagined shooting the other one while playing Call of Duty. Line crossed. We were done with him and told him to get lost. He begged us to forgive him, claiming he had:
“Aspergers and I’m depressed, I didn’t know that was wrong.”

Bullsh!t, I’ve known plenty of people with mental ailments that don’t do what he did.

Then for some reason he became fixated on me, like I was the one that could get him back into the group. He just would not leave me alone. I refused to give a single thought to him. Then he started saying I was going to regret it if I didn’t get him back in.

I have family members with schizophrenia, and drug problems. I’ve heard these threats before. The friends were freaking out, but I convinced them not to. You can’t yield to these manipulative tactics. Because that’s what it was. Manipulation.

I told him in response: “I would pity you. But I won’t feel guilty. That’s your personal problem.”

I put it out of my mind. Whether or not he did, I didn’t care. I refuse to have my life jerked around.

About a week later: “Why can’t we be friends?”

Blocked him across all media. No regrets.”

3. Puppy thief

“Stole a puppy from a yard in a really bad part of town because it was being neglected and abused and had a 99.9% chance of getting run over eventually. I’d spoken to the kids in the yard before and even offered to buy it but they said no. They gave me their other puppies (which I adopted into great homes) but they wanted to keep this one.

So one day in passing on my way to work, the puppy was in the street. I scooped it up and started taking a new route.”

4. Headbutt

“I ‘accidentally’ headbutted this girl in the face at a concert. It was a busy gig so people were bumping into people and dancing. She decided to start punching the back of my head and shoving me. I asked my cousin to push me into her and I stuck out my head to make sure it hit her. I then turned round and apologized.”

5. Time to learn a lesson

“My friends and I know someone who is notorious for having no money when we are out at a bar. One night, I saw him out and offered to give him a ride home trying to be nice. He says cool. When we go to leave, he tried walking out and manager stopped him and told him he hasn’t paid.

I told him okay we will wait, but he says to go and he can catch a ride with our friend Mark. Well Mark left 10 min before us so he’s screwed (he banks on Mark to buy him drinks.) But whatever, I leave.

Of course he called me on my way home and is begging for money. I didn’t go back for him and he had to clean the bathrooms at the bar and a bunch of other stuff. He then had to walk home at 3 in the morning for a few miles, but he needed it.”

6. Out the door

“Abandoned a pregnant lover. I was very worried that it was mine, but when it was confirmed not to be I ended it immediately. She didn’t cheat on me; she was newly pregnant before I came along and didn’t know. We were developing something, but I’m not even considering getting involved in that for half a second.”

7. Wow!

“Two kids I hated in class got into an argument and started side-kicking at each other. Like, it was really nothing, but the teacher sent them both to the office. Since I was sitting next to them, I got called into the office to fill out a witness report. Since I hated both these guys, I greatly exaggerated the situation and both kids ended up getting suspended. This was during the last week of school, so neither of them would be able to take their finals, and because of that, they failed and both of them ended up having to repeat a year.”

8. No remorse

“Dropped a shot-put on a kids thumb in primary school. He got in trouble for everything and didn’t give a sh!t if he was suspended. None of the teachers authority or disciplining meant anything to him. We were supposed to clean out the sports shed and he was f*cking around and being useless, just laying on floor arms outstretched refusing to move. I was carrying the shot-puts to another shelf and told him to move.

He stayed on the floor.

I held the 3kg weight above his hands and threatened to drop it (I wasn’t actually going to, just hoped he would move) he called my bluff and narrowed his eyes and said “do it” and in that moment I though “f this kid” and dropped it on his thumb. He never bothered me again.

I got detention and was forced to apologize but I had no remorse.”

9. Classic!

“I put laxatives in the football players water cooler mid game because they took over the field we were practicing on for soccer. They had to forfeit the game and canceled the next two weeks of games/practices. I might have went a little overboard but oh well.”

10. Payback

“Girl systematically bullied me at college so I reported her boyfriend for staying over in student accommodation, he wasn’t allowed back, they broke up because of the distance and I convinced her it was one of her friends that reported her so she became paranoid of everyone around her”

11. Speed bump

“I lived on a street where commuters regularly drove 40 to 50 mph with a 20 mph speed limit making it dangerous to pull out of my driveway or my daughter to walk to school. One day the town finally put in speed bumps to slow down traffic. That night I removed the newly planted sign that said CAUTION SPEED BUMP AHEAD. Several cars were damaged when they went speeding over the bump.”

12. Dad

“I cut my abusive father out of my life and didn’t answer his calls or texts even after he’d been diagnosed with cancer and given only 3 months to live.

That bastard did chemo and surgery and is still alive years later. I haven’t talked to him since but my stepmom keeps tabs on him and will occasionally, unasked, tell me something about him.

Sorry, not sorry Dad. You shouldn’t have been a selfish, emotionally abusive asshole. Then maybe you’d have a daughter who gave a shit about you.”

13. Out of my life

“I cut my grandmother out of my life. She was emotionally abusive and extremely manipulative, and I got fed up with it after she tried to blackmail me and started lying about me. This is the same lady who served an eviction notice alongside my birthday card, had my cousin arrested and her kids taken, and talks crap about the decent side of the family. My grandfather warned my mom to get away once he died, and his dying words were literally tell my grandmother to shut up. Leading to that point she had his will changed while he was not mentally fit. I hate her. I always will. But it’s apparently necessary I care since she is 1/4 of my genetics. Nope.”

14. Telling on Pops

“I told my mom that my dad was still cheating on her.

They’re in counseling right now, and he promised he’d stop talking to his online girlfriend. I was in the car with him and saw him texting her. So I told my mom she ought to check her bank account.

Sure enough he is still sending this chick money (he’s getting scammed).

He is using my mother’s paycheck to send this girl money… f*ck that shit. I regret nothing except the hurt my mom feels towards him.”

15. Brutal

“Broke someone’s shin. It was accidental, we were playing hockey in school and I misaimed, hit her as hard as I could instead of the ball, she wasn’t wearing shin pads and you can see where that ends… She was in hospital for a while, then on crutches for months, into the next school year actually. Meant she had to drop being in the netball team, think it screwed up her holiday plans, stuff like that. Nothing that’s ruined her life, but not good stuff at the time.

She was a bully, and a b*tch and I did not like her. She had a charmed life, her brother was one of the most pleasant people you could know so it wasn’t upbringing, there was just something wrong with her emotionally. She and her friends derived enjoyment from mentally and emotionally torturing other people, including me and my few friends. After that, they left us all alone and our school lives were peaceful. It was accidental, I’m too short sighted to have actually been able to distinguish her features during sport (didn’t wear my glasses), but I assume they had some doubt as to whether I had exacted revenge for years of pain.

Tldr: caused my bully pain and made her and all of her friends scared of me, gave me and my friends reprieve from dreading being in school.”