15 People Share Their Idea of What Dating Trend Is Coming Next

Image Credit: Pixabay

Those who’ve been dating for the past decade (or two or three) have run the gamut of ways you can meet someone new. Today there’s blind dating, meeting at a bar, AIM messaging, Facebook, Match, OKCupid, Tinder, and Bumble just to name a few.

But what’s the dating wave of the future? These 15 people weighed in, and I gotta say… if they’re on the right track, I’m glad I’m no longer single.

#15. Just holes in walls

“Just holes in walls with posted times to be there.

Edit: Cool so my fucking top comment is about the return of Gloryholes.”

#14. Like a pizza

“Ordering for date delivery. Just like a pizza.”

#13. Black Mirror

“Black mirror -“Hang the DJ ” episode if i remember correctly , that’s what i think”

#12. Just repeating history

“Pre determined dating and marriage. Man, we r just repeating history right?”

#11. Dating won’t exist

“Dating won’t really be a thing – more and more people will compartmentalize sexual and social relationships best catered to the time constraints of their lifestyle – tools like Tinder will evolve to facilitate. At the end of the 2020s it’ll only be the previous generations and offspring of traditionalists who maintain a singular “partner” to build their life around.

Nah I’m talking out my ass”

#10. In the Matrix

“You date inside the Sims.”

#9. Imagine a world

“Companies like Google using AI and quantum computing to pick matches based on history, dna, etc.

Edit: I’m getting responses all over the place.

Imagine a world were a company knows everything that you have ever seen or read. It knows every article, movie, song, website, product, etc that you have ever come into contact with and how much you liked it (based on how much time you spend on it).

Edit 2: I’ve seen the Black mirror episode. Imagine something deeper than that. Twins have some predictive abilities when they are close. Imagine a system that is closer than a twin but can test you to learn more.”

#8. Uber dating

“Uber Hookup. Or self driving taxis that have “dates” that can be utilized. I am thinking autonomous vans or suvs that have a fun room built in.”

#7. Safety in numbers

“Group dating. It’ll be like a random date that you go into based off of your personality and interests, only with a lot of people also going with you.

The expectation here is that you go to have fun with the people, and if you clique well with one or more people you continue from there.

You tell the app what days you want to go on dates and it generates some options for you so you don’t even have to plan it. It would then try to build a group based off of your personality & preferences and others personality & preferences.

If you accept, you buy a ticket for the date which gives you discounts on the food and attractions offered. If you decide to cancel, you don’t get a refund and the amount you spent goes back to the other guests who attended.

The benefits of such a style of dating app:

You should be able to meet more people in a shorter amount of time
The app can partner with local attractions and Groupon to create savings for dates, and business opportunities to locals.
No commitment to a single person you’re going out with, so having an exit strategy should be easier.
Starting a relationship through this app would feel more organic than a blind date, and less awkward than tinder.
I don’t know if an app like this exists, but I’m sure it could be a lot of fun!”

#6. Fortnite everything

“Fortnite dance clubs”

#5. Why wear pants, though?

“VR dating. Sit on your couch in your pants whilst being “out on a date””

#4. Literally

“If I don’t have robot sex by the time I’m 40 I’m going to be fucking furious. Literally.”

#3. Live stream

“You connect on a video stream and go out to on the date, but just stream it to each other.”

#2. J/k

“Actually talking to people. Jks. Probably communication by squirrels.”

#1. How much further can we go? 

“Tinder seems like the last step. How much farther can we go then swipe right to fuck.”

May the odds be ever in your favor, singletons. No matter how things turn out, at least you’ll have good stories.