15 People Share Their Petty Relationship Deal Breakers


We all have a line we draw in the sand when it comes to relationships. And whether you want to admit it or not, you have some petty ones. It might be the way they eat their peas, maybe their nose is a little crooked, etc.

These AskReddit users shared their petty, and funny, relationship deal breakers. It’s rough out there…

1. That is not pleasant

“Either chew with their mouth open or make a lot of noise while eating.”

2. Can’t look away

“I once broke up with someone because he didn’t clean his ears (it was actually so gross.) Not in his ears, but like the fold behind his ears. I just kept staring and thinking about it…”

3. Don’t believe in it

“I can’t date people who believe in Soulmates™ or the “One”.

I can’t shake the feeling they’re using you as a placeholder until they find their mythical 100% match. Or that they believe relationships with their ‘soulmate’ wouldn’t need actual work or active effort.”

4. Okay, that’s petty

“Fingernails. I don’t know how to properly explain this, but there are two types of nails: some people’s fingernails don’t press into the finger on the sides, and aren’t as curved, giving a wider, flatter nail than others. These people’s hands creep me the f— out and I can’t stand being touched by people with this type of fingernail. It’s ridiculous, and I know it’s stupid, but it makes me so irrationally uncomfortable.”

5. Don’t interfere with dirty talk

“Goofy accent. Sorry. I like dirty talk and it doesn’t work if I want to burst out laughing.”

6. Yikes

“Loud breathing. Can’t do it. I want to tear your airways out and feed them to you if I can hear you breathe.”

7. Not gonna work

“He was allergic to hummus and I f*cking love hummus.”

8. Uh uh

“Nose hair. How do you not notice you have long pieces of hair sticking out of your nose? Tweezers can fix that sh*t in two seconds.”

9. Hurry up!

“I once broke up with someone because he tied his shoes too slowly. Like he just…took forever to make the bow? He was bent over for almost a full minute every time. Inexplicable.”

10. Be an adult

x”I just went out with a guy last week and asked him what he was for Halloween last year and he said “an adult”. Dealbreaker. I’m an adult everyday, including Halloween.”

11. Intriguing

“If they have a go-to word that they use all the time. Most recently, I was seeing a girl who said, “That’s intriguing,” when responding to anything I said that was mildly interesting.”

12. Back off

“Too clingy too soon. We do NOT have to text all day or talk every day.”

13. No smoking

“Sorry, but can’t stand smokers.”

14. Not a good look

“You can’t wear/like those flat brim baseball hats. I’m 99% positive you’re a self absorbed douche if you do.”

15. Ewwwww!

“She ate mayonnaise out of the jar with a spoon.”