15 People Share Their Thoughts on How a Circumcision Ban Would Go Over in Their Home Country

Image Credit: Pixabay

Since the practice has come under a lot of scrutiny of late, Iceland recently proposed a ban on circumcision. Those in favor of a ban claim that it’s not medically necessary, can cause undue pain and suffering, and is a decision that males should be able to make for themselves once they’re able. Proponents say it’s cleaner, easier to care for, the societal norm, and is often important to parents for their sons to resemble their fathers.

Of course, there are some religious considerations as well.

The internet has some thoughts on how people in their home countries would react to the same proposal, and the peek behind the cultural curtain is definitely enlightening.

#15. A non-issue

“Also non issue in Ireland. I’ve heard of a handful of kids getting it done for medical reasons. I’ve never seen a circumsized one in the flesh (so to speak). Think it’s absolutely insane that it’s considered standard in the states. Why you would cut a child as it’s the cultural norm is crazy.”

#14. Worries

“My worry is that people who want to have their babies circumcised for traditional or religious reasons may do it any way, but under dangerous and uncontrolled conditions which could hurt the child.

E: 4 years on Reddit and my top post is about foreskins.”

#13. Just because it’s tradition

“I think since it allows adults to do it it’s a good idea. We shouldn’t do something just because it’s tradition.”

#12. A tough sell

“A lot of people in the US will happily say that they have no problem with the fact that they were circumcised as a child.

Well, all I can say to that is good luck finding many intact eighteen year olds who’d willingly go through the procedure for purely cosmetic reasons. Getting a slice cut off your dick just so it’ll look like your dad’s is going to be a tough sell.”

#11. Of course

“I think that is a decision a man makes because it is his body, of course.”

#10. Not really a thing

“It’s not something I’ve strong feelings either way because it’s not really a thing in the UK as far as I know other than for religious or medical reasons.”

#9. Weird

“I think it makes sense logically, but at the same time it’s so strange to me. I was circumcised, and I don’t feel at all mutilated or strange or incomplete. But trying to distance myself from it, cutting off a piece of a baby’s dick for essentially no reason is pretty obviously fucking weird.”

#8. I didn’t see the reason

“My parents did it to me so I don’t know any different, but my wife and I decided not to do it for our son. I didn’t see the reason for it.”

#7. Yo

“Meanwhile, Indian Government: Yo, what’s circumcision?”

#6. Because Batman

“As a race we don’t teach our kids to wash their dicks. We’d rather cut off their fucking foreskin instead. In the UK most of us aren’t cut. And their isn’t any sort of dirty dick pandemic going off. At least to my knowledge. There’s only two reasons for circumcision now as far as I’m concerned. if it’s too tight. And because batman’s circumcised.”

#5. American

“Uncut American here. Was a bit self conscious showering after sport at first… then I realized that if anyone ever said anything, the obvious counter is simply “why are you looking at my dick bro?””

#4. The right to choose

“I’m the same way, it’s not like I think about the loss of my poor foreskin every day. Sex still feels good but hey maybe it’d feel better if I still had the damn thing.

Regardless I do think people should have the right to choose so I’m for it being banned

Edit: To clarify banned as in not allowing it for those under 18 who don’t need the procedure.”

#3. I just don’t understand

“My in laws didn’t want to circumcise my husband when he was born. But they were pushed into doing it by the doctor who told him he would get “horrible infections and always smell”. I just don’t understand. It wasnt like it was the 1940s, it was fucking 93.”

#2. In my country…

“Don’t think it would work in my country.

I live in Israel.”

#1. A billion dollar industry

“Something like 85% of the US population is circumcised, while its the complete opposite with the world population. 85% of people are uncircumcised. It’s a billion dollar industry in America. I am circumcised, my son is not. We’ll teach him to clean it, and if he wants to, he’s welcome to get it done. WEINERS!”

Whatever happens, the…aftermath will be interesting to say the least.