14 People Share Times When They Asked the Universe for a Sign and They Got It

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The world works in mysterious ways, my friends…

Sometimes, when things are really bad and you feel down and out, you ask the universe for a sign and the universe DELIVERS.

And that’s always a good thing and it gives you some hope, right?

Here are some very interesting stories from AskReddit users who opened up about when they saw the sign.

1. Connecting with Mom.

“My mother passed away when I was a baby so I have no memories of her and my dad rarely talks about her as it was very painful for him.

I had a very abusive childhood and don’t really speak to my family much so I’m very much an independent loner. In a moment of weakness seeking support, I asked the universe and my mother for guidance and that if she really is there watching over me to wake me up at exactly 3:33 AM that night.

She proved she was there for me that night. Woke up randomly at exactly 3:33 AM. I found more strength that night and I continue to seek ways of connecting with her.”

2. There you go.

“I asked if I should bother sending a text to my abusive ex.

My phone responded by discharging all of its electricity through the charger port and refusing to turn back on.”

3. Superstitious.

“I’m not superstitious at all, but my uncle is. When my Nan passed he went to see a fortune teller who told him that anytime our family sees white feathers around, that’s Nans way of showing us that she’s there. I thought it was a load of bullshit and forgot about it.

A few years later I was at a music festival. Everything was coated in dirt and dust being churned up by thousands of people’s feet. Even the air was so thick with dust it was making it hard to see and breathe. I was on the edges of the mosh pit when I started to have my first panic attack.

I’d never had one before, didn’t know what was happening to me and I was terrified. I felt like I was being crushed and like I was the only person in the world at the same time. I remember desperately thinking ‘I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want to be here alone’ I crouched down in the middle of the dirty dusty crown and when I opened my eyes there was a single white feather on the ground right between my feet.

It was perfectly white, no dirt, not stepped on or anything- in a mosh pit. I stared at the feather until I could get my breathing under control and get out of there and I still have that feather.”

4. That is crazy.

“Once while walking to work as a teenager I asked god to show me a sign if I should get out of my relationship (abusive ex) and just as I finished the prayer a fish came flying out of nowhere and smacked me in the face.

I went down and blacked out for a second and when I came to there were these 3 hillbilly men surrounding me, fanning me, and just generally freaking out. When they realized I was awake they just started apologizing and said they swore they had put the strap on their cooler.

They gave me some ice for my eye and walked me down to work so I could call my mom to pick me up. I broke up with my ex the next day out of fear of being smacked by a rogue fish again.”

5. Sand dollars.

“All my life, whenever I went to the beach I had wanted to find an intact sand dollar. I had found lots of pieces, but never a whole one.

When I was in my mid 30s, I went with a group of friends to the coast. I was walking alone along the beach in the moonlight close to midnight. I was feeling very sorry for myself in the dark, and really lonely, even though I was with my friends that weekend.

I had just started thinking the thought, “Wouldn’t it be a great sign right now to know that I’m loved if I finally found a sand dollar?” I had barely formed the thought when I looked down, and right at my feet was an intact sand dollar.”

6. In the depths.

“I was in the depths of despair, I had lost my great job, had to travel 2hrs everyday with heavy tools each way to a temporary job I was doing. Sitting on the bus, thinking my world was over and it all kind of got to me all at once and I began to tear up, not wanting to ball my eyes out in public I held it in.

So I asked for something anything that could show me that life wasn’t worthless.

A lady I didn’t see must have how bad I was or maybe it was just coincidence but just after I cried out in my head. I heard the words “Everything is going to be ok”

It saved my life.”

7. The night sky.

“I was looking up at the night sky and said “Dad show me a shooting star” and one shot across the sky.

He had passed a few years earlier, and it was purely coincidental but I really needed it at the time.”

8. A new job.

“I really don’t like my job, and I’ve been daydreaming about what I could do. I just needed a place to be able to do it.

The next day I get offered to house sit for a couple years in this big Japanese house that has a storefront in the front. There’s a perfect space to do what I would want to do. I would live rent free and be able to save up to buy my own business visa here. I wouldn’t need to work in this job any more.”

9. Lights out.

“My son passed away and I sat at the kitchen table in shock I couldn’t really believe he was gone. I asked him to send me a sign so I’d know he was still with us, in spirit if not in body.

A few minutes later all the lights in the house went out. I didn’t believe it was him so I even checked the fuse box. I almost called an electrician but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was just the lights, the power points still worked so I could cook and the fridge was on. It stayed that way for two days until I eventually said ok ok I know it’s you and they came back on.

I was so overwhelmed with grief at the time this seemed like nothing but now I see how crazy it was. I get this might be hard for some people to believe but I really don’t care if anyone believes it or not, I just needed to know he was somewhere else besides in the ground because he was only in his 20’s and it just wasn’t fair he was gone so young.

You should never outlive your children.”

10. Need a ride?

“I was walking.

What would have been a 4 hour drive… and I was walking. I straight up begged for a car to stop and pick me up and literally seconds later a woman stopped who was traveling all the way to where I was heading. Same town.

4 hours away. What are those odds?”

11. Pack your bags.

“I was 18 years old, recently graduated from high school and basically being forced to attend cosmetology school by my stepmom, while also working a full time job. I was exhausted all the time. My stepmom and I were very religious for a long time but I was starting to question my faith and stopped making church a priority.

This caused a lot of drama (and I think resentment) from her and my father who worked out of the country.

While attending cosmetology school I had made friends and was so starved for any sort of friendship and I guess even affection I would tell them the things I hated about my home life. They helped me start to see how toxic my parents and situation was.

I knew I had to move out. I tried to do so amicably but to no avail. In fact my attempts to leave peacefully backfired and caused more problems.

At the time, being religious, I prayed for a way out. But my prayers rarely were answered so I grew hopeless. A few weeks later after a rough few days between me and my stepmom things came to a head one night and she called my father.

They had threatened for years to kick me out. ( I was a seriously well behaved kid so I was always the one to apologize for whatever they thought I did that was so horrible.) This particular night when the threat entered the air, I saw it as a sign and a fleeting opportunity. I packed my things and was gone the next day.

It’s been 4 years and I am now living in a different state with my husband and daughter and our second child is due to be born in about a month.”

12. Still here.

“I decided to kill myself about the age of 13. Life sucked, and I planned to go home from church that night and off myself if there was no direct intervention.

Out of nowhere my aunt stopped me and said “I feel like you need to come home with me”.

And I’m still here.”

13. The moose.

“dMy (then) girlfriend was having a really awful week. I felt terrible for her, which made me realize how serious our relationship was because empathy is… not a strong suit of mine. She wanted to take a trip to the Grand Tetons to clear her head.

She wanted to see a moose on this trip, but it was August so relatively unlikely since they tend to move to higher elevations that time of year… I had never seen a moose in the wild.

Before we left, i thought “if we see a moose on this whirlwind 72 hr road trip I will take it as a sign I should marry this girl.”

Sure enough, right in the middle of the day, on one of the busiest trails in the park, is a great big bull moose hanging out in the lake. Married 5 years this year.”

14. Friends.

“I had asked the universe for a sign of good and friendly people really existing out in this world. I know, it’s kinda stupid but I have struggled with making friends that weren’t toxic, and I felt like I just wasn’t destined to have great friends.

About two days after I had asked for a sign, I went to my local park to do my daily routine of sitting down, smoking my cigarettes and reading and for some strange reason, a pair of strangers came up to me and introduced themselves.

We ended up talking with each other for what felt like hours and eventually, I had asked them why they came up to me and the guy said ‘oh, we made a deal to see if we could make any new friends and we did. You’re a new friend!’ After, we all walked and got some cookies and ice cream and chilled again, by the river this time.

They both are now my closest friends, and it all started because I was at the right place, and at the right time for them to come up to me. I strongly believe that it was the universe’s doing and am so grateful for it.”

Wow…these stories really do give you a little faith, don’t they?

How about you?

Have you ever had a sign delivered to you by the universe just when you needed it the most?

If so, please share your story with us in the comments!