15 People Share True Facts That Will Spike Your Paranoia Something Fierce

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Some things, it’s just best not to know (ignorance is bliss and all of that). The proof is in the pudding – and in the 15 facts shared below.

#15. Breathing and blinking.

“You’re breathing and blinking manually.”

#14. Destruction at any time.

“The Yellowstone Caldera is overdue 40,000 years and could destroy the continental US at any time.”

#13. Up to 2 years.

“Everything you say to Siri is analyzed and stored by Apple for up to two years.”

#12. Either possibility.

“Existence of alien life. Either possibility is scary.”

#11. One for each state.

“There are approximately 50 serial killers in the US right now. That is one for each state.”

#10. 2 million tons.

“2 million tons of human waste is discharged into our fresh water sources everyday.”

#9. You are being tracked.

“(At least in the US) You are being location tracked even without GPS on. How else do you think Google knows how much traffic congestion there is.”

#8. You could be one of them.

“About 153,000 people die everyday. Its scary to think I could be one of them.”

#7. On your face.

“There’s dozens of little tiny mites on your face right now.”

#6. The dying process.

“Once your body and brain are fully grown and developed, you are actually entering into the dying process, as your body and brain gradually deteriorate over the remaining years (hopefully decades) of your life until you are old, frail, lonely, and helpless.”

#5. Up to 20 seconds.

“A human head remains conscious for up to 20 seconds after being decapitated.”

#4. In the matrix.

“you can’t prove we’re not in the matrix”

#3. Waiting for it to go viral.

“Assume every second of your day is being recorded .. simply waiting for it to go viral.”

#2. Pests.

“Your house, apartment building can have pests. Bedbugs, mice, or termites. Those are the worst. I can keep my house clean,, but some random person visits your neighbor and the bugs come with him. That was what happened to several people I know.

As for termites, it is random, especially for older homes. My grandparents had them.”

#1. I saw that movie.

“Rogue waves. Completely random waves large enough to sink a cruise ship. 10 foot wave, 10 foot wave, calm waters, then suddenly a 50 foot wave.”

You can’t say I didn’t warn you!