15 People Share What They Think Is GOOD About the United States

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I’ve been lucky enough to travel pretty extensively in my life and I’ve been overseas a few times.

I totally understand why there is anti-American sentiment around the world (and here at home) because of some of our policies and our terrible leaders, but I really do believe that we live in a great country and there are many positives about the U.S.

We just have a lot of work to do and we’re gonna get there together!

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say regarding what’s good about the United States.

1. From an international student.

“I’m an International student in the USA from a 3rd world country. It’s basically a different universe. Everything is so cheap when you earn in dollars.

Large convenience stores like Target or Walmart are (as the name suggests) incredibly convenient. Electricity is dirt cheap. Amazon packages can arrive in 2 days. High school system (from what I gathered talking to friends) facilitates students pursuing specific interests, while higher education also gives enough flexibility to do a complete 180.

Public transport (where it exists) is great. People are incredibly diverse. Idk, the USA has a lot going for it.”

2. It’s HUGE.

“The size of the US is what makes it so diverse . I’ve lived in the Deep South (AL, MS) and the total opposite northwest areas (Colorado ,Washington state)

If anyone has visited multiple regions it’s so easy to realize how night & day the cultures and customs can be. Yet we are all Americans.

And people wonder why all of America can’t agree on anything (politics, etc.) It’s all perspective…”

3. Welcome!

“As someone who has visited both the northwest and southeast, you Americans sure know your hospitality and how to make tourists feel welcome.

Your rollercoasters and theme parks are great, your love for bubble gum and cinnamon flavored treats is endearing, and your forests, mountains and national conservation areas are magnificent!

Oh, and despite them being unfashionable gas gulpers, I have a weak spot for classic American muscle cars.”

4. Well, that’s good.

“Years ago I stayed a few nights in a relative’s house on Long Island New York.

In their back yard they had a long low fridge. Inside this fridge were loads of cans of beer.

There was no lock on this fridge. Nobody hopped the fence and stole it.

They also had a scarecrow and various other Halloween things out the front of the house.

Nobody stole or destroyed this stuff!

Having lived all over Dublin I was shocked.”

5. So much shit…

“The US has so much shit. Great National parks, good music in all tastes, video games, technology, food.

Many cities that could be the capital in most countries. All those skyscrapers, all sorts of neighbourhood’s.

The US can literally define a generation. People in other countries use US definitions. E.g. Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Z. Count yourselves lucky because other regions have next to nothing (economically).”

6. Very true…

“There are not many countries out there where you can openly mock the president and criticize their every move and not have the slightest fear of reprisal.”

7. Neighbors to the north.

“My experience as a Canadian is that Americans are generally chill, friendly people and are very approachable. I have long felt more comfortable talking to strangers there than in my own country.

Canadians can be very passive aggressive and reserved, while Americans as a generalization like to chat with strangers. I’ve seen that no matter what state I’ve visited. Customer service is also a million times better in the US than in Canada, whether it be at a restaurant or even Walmart.

I get tired of fellow Canadians dumping on the US just because they don’t like the current president. The country is the sum of all its people and not who’s in the White House at this moment.

I’m looking forward to visiting your country again once Coronavirus slows down. I had hoped to do some US travel this year; at least I got one trip in before the pandemic got bad and our land border closed.

Also, you guys produced Seinfeld.”

8. Interesting.

“The fact that as a woman of color, while I do experience racism, the bulk of people stand up when they see something wrong or unjust.

I may not be this lucky in a lot of other places.”

9. Be optimistic!

“I love my European bothers and sisters dearly, but you are a cynical bunch.

American optimism may not be based completely in reality but I believe to my core it has contributed to success in life.”

10. Our principles.

“I love that that one of our founding principles (life liberty and pursuit of happiness) are still our goals as a people. We still haven’t figured out how to do it right, but damn if everyone doesn’t fight for those rights every chance they get.

Our nationality is a concept, not a race. I guess that’s true of other countries in a way, but it feels so much more here. You could have a someone, say, with Sioux heritage, someone with Chinese heritage, someone with Dominican heritage, and someone with British heritage standing next to each other and they’re all American. And they all want to be treated with respect and dignity and believe that this country should stand for that.

We have a really awful history of not following up on our founding principles, but I think every population within the US fights for those principles and agrees on them as a concept. We differ on the exact interpretation, sure, but generally – we agree that America is a place where people should be free, respected, and able to build the life they want for themselves. I’m not saying it always happens, but I am saying that’s what holds us together.

While we don’t have our shit figured out with how we treat one another, we’re all in this country and we all are demanding to be treated justly and fairly like scrappy little revolutionaries.

11. The ultimate melting pot.

“It’s such an INCREDIBLY diverse place.

So many people from all walks of life, but I also love the thought of places like Chinatown, where you can get a real taste of a different culture and you don’t even need to get on a plane.”

12. An ongoing experiment.

“Nature, national parks and their protections

All kinds of music, including jazz, pop, … all one big continuous experiment. It’s nice.”

13. Fairly stable.

“Strong input in the arts. Americans, or their corporations, make high or old culture accessible for the masses.

Disney has adapted many old stories, legends and fairy tales to modern times. The US comic book culture has created new heroes that are loved almost universally (Spider-Man, Superman, Batman).

You have a fairly stable constitution of the country. In the almost 250 years you exist you have seen one Civil War. Compare this to the rest of the world in the same time frame and your Civil War looks like a bar fight.”

14. Abundance.

“We have an absolutely incredible amount of living space that just sits there unused, and we’ve had one of the luckiest startup locations in human history.

Abundance is very American. We can afford it.”

15. It’s true.

“At the end of the day. It is still one of the best places to have an opportunity for success. People like to shit in the US, meanwhile people waiting for their visas and looking for ways to migrate.

And the food. LA, NY, SF. Whatever kind of food you’re craving for, there’s a good restaurant out there.”

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