15 People Share What They Think Looks Fun in Movies but Is Miserable in Real Life

In my opinion, lots of things that are romanticized in movies wouldn’t be great in real life.

Certain jobs, life experiences, and even tragedies look glamorous on the big screen but would probably be awful in reality.

What looks fun in movies but is actually miserable in real life?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. See it all the time.

“My favorite variant is the Hallmark universe where an artisinal chair maker can base his entire business around a single holiday and somehow make enough money to convince a single woman to give up her high-paying city job to live with him.”

2. Not much fun.

“Fighting on top of a moving train.

Always make me think of the Archer episode where he was so excited to fight a guy but soon found out the reality of it really sucks!!”

3. Uh oh.

“Moving, painting and fixing up houses/apartments.

My brother convinced me to tear out my brick fireplace and we build one “by Christmas”.

That was last Thanksksgiving.

Nothing but a torn out hole in my wall.”

4. No, thanks.

“Sleeping in the tall grass.

I’m sure you’ve seen the memes but in reality, those fields would be infested with bugs and they’d more than likely bite you.”

5. Did you just hang up on me?

“Hanging up on people.

In movies, it makes you look bada** and mysterious.

In real life, it makes you look like an inconsiderate a**hole and will prompt a “wtf happenned” callback.”

6. Scary.


On TV it’s just a fun cutesy little water coughing thing that you recover from immediately and in real life it involves breaking ribs and maybe d**ng anyway.”

7. Zzzzzzzzzz…


My husband did one once.

It basically consisted of sitting in a parking lot all night unable to turn the car on for heat or music and having to stare at the back entrance of a grocery store.

He did it for 5 nights. Sounds incredibly boring.”

8. Isn’t this fun?!?!

“Elaborate pranks.

Great for comedies…and also a great way to f**k up relationships.”

9. Are we done yet?

“Digging a hole. Cartoons make it look so easy and quick.

In reality, hours of back-breaking work will get you six inches down.”

10. A tough job.

“Being an attorney.

This was my dream job until I actually realized what the job entailed.”

11. KO’d.

“Getting knocked out with a blow to the head.

Movies: like waking up from a nap.

Real life: pain, headache, problems for months, if not years.”

12. Lame!

“Cramped frat parties.

I went to one thinking it would be a great first time experience, but I really just ended up h**ing how stuffy the place is and how dr**k some people can get.”

13. Not worth it.

“Fighting. Seriously, don’t do it.

I have six felony charges and can not do anything that I wanted to do in younger years. No one likes an aggressive person.

You’re not gonna get any babes, or whatever.”

14. Ancient garbage.

“Archeology and paleontology.

They only show the glamorous artifact/fossil reveals. A few swishes of a brush and bam- priceless relic!

Forget all the tedious groundwork, painstaking site processing, and site prep. Not to mention you’ll be lucky to find anything easily recognizable.

Hope you like bone and pottery shards or even literal ancient garbage.”

15. Don’t try this at home!

“Surfing on the top of a van like in the iconic movie Teen Wolf.

In high school my friends and I tried this while driving on the beach, so as not to get d**d.

Well, I fell off anyways and hit my head. I also broke a toe, of all things.”

What do you think looks fun in movies but is miserable in real life?

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