15 People Share What They Think Of The Brits

The British people are good sports, which is excellent – they might curse you using some colorful language if you share your stereotypical thoughts about their culture, but you’ll also like it.

At least, that’s what I’m getting from these 15 replies to the question “what do you think of the British people,” and also the responses to those responses from actual Brits.

Please enjoy.

15. A surprise delight.

They were nothing like what I was inclined to think from reading the internet.

They are highly politically diverse.

Their humor isn’t just dry.

Their food isn’t just brand.

I found them funny, and warm, and interesting and interested.

I could spend a night in a pub learning Cricket and teaching American football.

I could walk around on the 4th of July with an American Flag t-shirt and laugh over lunch about how the war of 1812 wasn’t a separate war but a continuation of the revolution and they didn’t lose but burned down the capitol and left.

I sit on the tube and have one of them help me collect the list of slang terms I’d learned (my GOD they have a lot of slang).

The hilarity of sitting around with people from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and a proper Englishmen is amazing. That cultural orb of the UK is fascinating.

Back when cabbies were a thing listening to a cabbie talk was an amazing experience.

They’re brutally honest too and they curse a lot. Good people all around. 8/10 would recommend.

14. A self tell.

As a British person, I can confidently say some of us are d*%ks, some of us are alright, and the government are massive s*%ts.

13. They love Canadians.

I was in London a few years back. They’d ask if I was American. When I said Canadian they’d give me a big smile and treat me like extended family. It was awesome. I don’t think I had a bad interaction with anyone my entire time there.

A+ 10 out of 10. Would London again.

12. Was that a compliment?

Living here since I was 9 years old and now I’m 24, you are some of the loveliest cunts around.

You’re best of the worst and the worst of the best ❤️.

11. They can really pee.

Good people.

They can take the piss with the best of them, love to drink, have no time for bullshit and will call people out on it.

A dry sense of humor is my preferred humor.

Source: Canadian

10. A great sense of humor.

Frenchy living in the UK for quite some time myself and can say that, as hard as it is for a Frenchman to admit, the British have the best sense of humour I’ve ever encountered.

9. Good traveling companions.

I know Germans and Brits are supposed to hate each other’s guts but as a German, I love the British. Met a guy named Jim in India twenty years ago; he called me a German c**t, I called him an english bastard.

We travelled together for over a month and it was one of the best things I did in my life.

Jim Wiley if you’re reading this, I’d sure love to have a pint with you again, you bloody english bastard.

8. They mind their business.

Lived in London for a year

They’re particularly reserved, they relatively mind their own business, and really don’t wanna involve themselves in your business unless they absolutely have to

Overall, they’re good people, and they know how to have a good time but also be cordial and have good values

I’ll always have love for the British.

7. I’m off to Google.

That they have a serious time travel and alien problem.

Only if you’re in Cardiff and London.

6. More good than bad.

Great musicians, great comedians, sh**ty politicians.

Overall more positive than negative.

5. Lovely and sociable.

I had a good time living there. The people I worked with are lovely, very sociable.

Their government is dysfunctional af though, and I’m completely baffled by whatever the fuck brexit was supposed to be.

4. Good people.

As a Canadian who grew up in the North East of England I have never met a kinder ‘give ones shirt off their back’ group of people. You can see someone everyday for years, never know their name, what they do, but I feel closer to them than I do co-workers now. An exemplary group of people that I see as my people.

Also the drinking, I learnt how to drink there and now I cannot afford to have a night out in Canada. The British liver is just built differently.

3. You folks are ok.

This American loves our British cousins. The understated humor, the great music and bands, the stiff upper lip, the common sense, the work ethic, and a proclivity for telling Nazis to fuck off.

What I really love is British pub culture. It’s so warming. People having tall pints and playing chess or checkers, engaging in great conversation, and the pies. Man. You all do very exciting things with pies.

I was in a pub near Whitby a few years back. Cold rain outside but there was a warm fire crackling, Boddington’s on tap, and the lighting was this earthy dark glow. Felt so cozy and wonderful.

Anyway. You folks are ok.

2. A good flag.

They got a pretty iconic flag.

I believe that, if the Union Jack didn’t have such a great design, Australia and New Zealand would have changed their flags long ago.

1. If you like cold weather…

I love them! Their accents, I’m envious of their cold weather, their historic buildings and castles – accents! One place I’d love to visit.

I’m Australian, I reckon they’re just a posher version of us. Haha.

I have to say, some of these have been my experiences, too, but not all.

It’s almost like you can’t stereotype a whole culture based on the people you’ve met! Huh!