15 People Shared Photos of the Worst Hotels They’ve Ever Stayed at

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It’s a lot easier to know what you’re getting into when you book a hotel these days because of Yelp reviews and TripAdvisor, but you still never really know until you step foot into your room.

I think my worst experience in a hotel was somewhere in the middle of Colorado during a storm when we had to pull off the highway because the weather was too bad to keep going. There were four of us crammed into a tiny room that might’ve been the scene of several homicides throughout the years…let’s just say it was an interesting night.

In the spirit of that sleepless night, let’s look at some of the worst places that people have stayed!

1. That is revolting.

What… what IS that?

And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it…. from trashy

2. This is when you go sleep in the car.

Are they the magic kind?

We have a really nice hotel room. from WTF

3. You have some uninvited guests.

Wow… I didn’t realize they were so bitey!

Don’t stay in a hotel with bedbugs. from WTF

4. I really wish I knew the backstory on this.

Somebody had a REALLY dirty party.

The pool at my hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, those are toilets. from WTF

5. Uh oh. Might need to change rooms.


After a beautiful day at the beach in hawaii, my cousin went back to her hotel room to a pleasant surprise. from WTF

6. Not a lie, technically…

In fact, it’s a close up view!

AirBNB description said "Views of the main church from the bedroom window". Technically it was not a lie. from ExpectationVsReality

7. That is pretty sketchy.

But, honestly, I love how bold it is.

My hotel room has such a nice view!! Wait a minute… from mildlyinfuriating

8. Anything over 20 is not a good sign.

But under 5… not too bad.

I generally gauge the quality of the hotel I’m staying at based on the number of bite marks on the toilet flusher. from WTF

9. Ahhhh, the elusive tumble-weave.

I love that this is actually a word that people use.

Stayed in a questionable hotel last night to save money. Found this under the sheets while crawling into bed… Used hair extensions? from WTF

10. Is that considered a fire hazard?

Yeah. That’s not good.

Heat Lamp vs Bathroom Door In My Hotel Room from CrappyDesign

11. Did you get a good workout in?

Because SOMEBODY did!

The fitness room at the hotel I stayed at from WTF

12. Ughh, that is absolutely disgusting.

You found somebody’s kit! Congrats!

Found this under the mattress in a hotel from WTF

13. Feels a little buggy in here.

And I’d walk RIGHT back out.

Walked into my hotel room…….. from trashy

14. Wanna take a dip?

Swim through that grass!

Got excited from far away about the motel having a swimming pool …. from mildlyinfuriating

These pics really brought back some wonderful memories.

You know you’ve stayed in some awful places in your day!

Share your stories and photos in the comments!