15 People Sound off on What They Think Should Be Free, but Isn’t


This is an interesting question that should cause everyone to think.

Logically, morally, humanely, what should be free but isn’t?

Health care? Childcare? Shelter? Water?

AskReddit users weighed in on this interesting question. Check out their responses below.

1. That’s pretty insane that you have to pay.

“Parking at hospitals.”

2. This drives me nuts.

“Official college transcripts. You already paid for the classes and then they deny you access to proof of your education. It’s not right. Was surprised when I was applying as a transfer student from a community college to a four-year university, and had to pay to get my transcripts sent.

Even worse, one of the colleges “made a mistake” and “forgot” to charge 2k in tuition when I went there, which I was unaware of, then they refused to release my transcripts until I paid the 2k. I didn’t have 2k, but needed those transcripts immediately to get in to my new college. Fuuuuck that.”

3. A good point.

“Official government documents that prove you exist. Birth Certificates should be free. They are not. Drivers License and state I.D., should be free. They are not.”

4. Those kids need to eat.

“School meals – it’s the only meal some kids get.”

5. It is VERY expensive.

“Ambulances. Even if you don’t think health care should be free, you shouldn’t have to worry about calling an ambulance in an emergency because of how expensive it is.”

6. I have an emergency!

“Using public toilets.

I have been travelling around Europe for just over a year and it makes me mad I have to pay for that. Sometimes there’s free ones but more often than not there isn’t.

It’s especially tough when you just arrive off a long bus ride or something that had no toilet or stops and the bus station is asking for money you haven’t even had a chance to withdraw yet.

I’ve even been into some shopping malls and department stores where you have to pay.”

7. Knowledge is good.

“Scientific papers/journals.

The authors are paying to be published in the journal. the readers are also paying. The only one who profits are the publishing companies. Knowledge should be free!”

8. It’s not cheap.

“This sounds weird, but death. Funeral services which require you to pay for cremating the dead, etc. are kinda weird to me.”

9. Amen to this.

“Mental help.”

10. Ripped off.

“ATM fees. You pay to withdrawal your own money, what a scam.”

11. Thoughts on this one?

“Water should be free.”

12. Keep yourself alive.

“Any prescription medication that is required to keep someone alive, like insulin for diabetics or inhalers for children and adults with asthma.”

13. At least make them tax exempt.”

“Tampons! It irks me when I realize there’s an actual cost associated with the privilege of bleeding profusely and feeling like I’m being disemboweled. At least make them tax exempt.”

14. Free the beaches!

“Use of public beaches at the ocean.

So many beaches are either private or you have to pay steep parking fees and other charges in order to enjoy the ocean and beach.”

15. Billions and billions.

“The billions of animals that are currently held in factory farming.”