15 People Talk About the Stupidest Answers They’ve Ever Heard to Real Questions

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My friend told me a story about an ex-girlfriend once that I never forgot.

One time he asked her, “if you could time travel to any point in history, where would you go?”

Her answer: “the moon.”

Ouch…that’s pretty rough.

Want some more of that variety?

Here are some cringe-worthy answers from AskReddit users.

1. You weren’t wrong.

“Myself, I was crossing the us Canadian boarder with friends coming back from a weekend trip to drink. US guard asks where we’re coming from, myself being the driver I respond “Canada”.

There were some chuckles and ribbing, I mantain it’s an appropriate answer.”

2. Met with silence.

“In social studies class a few weeks ago, we were talking about the Holocaust and WWII. Teacher asks, “what was Hitler?” after we had just talked about different kinds of rulers (dictators, presidents, etc.) and was looking for the answer “a dictator”.

Girl raised her hand and says, “I read last night in the textbook that he was a bit anti-Semitic.” Whole class goes silent.”

3. Not a fan of fish.

“It was me who was the dummy: My boss (veterinarian) took our office out for lunch.

Told me (a trailer park college student working as a vet tech to pay for college) that I could order anything I wanted, even the fillet mignon.

I responded, “No thank you, I don’t like fish.”

4. Just have fun!

“Years ago, I was an intern at an insurance agency. One of their most successful agents passed away, but his wife (50’s, glamorous looking lady) was “helped” through testing, so that one of the other agents could work on her husbands portfolio.

But she was licensed. So one night at a company dinner party (i was serving drinks), I heard someone ask her, “So, what is your opinion on mutual funds?”

She paused for a moment, looked at him funny, and said, “Everyone should enjoy mutual fun!””

5. You’re right!

“There’s a girl at my school who was asked what the capital of North America was as a joke.

Her reply? “I’m not that stupid, it’s New York City.”

6. No cats, please.

“Many years ago I told a lady I was going to send her a cat 5 cable to connect her computer to her home firewall…..

She said that was unacceptable because her dogs didnt get along with cats….”

7. I’ll take a footlong.

“My teacher asked my friend during English class. “what’s the prefix of ‘sub’.”

He responded with, “way.””

8. No one knows.

“A teacher in HIGH SCHOOL asked the class if anyone knew how many feet there were in a mile.

Very seriously, a student answered “Nobodyknows that, it’s impossible; everyone has different sized feet”.

9. Well…are they?

“I worked at a place that served coffee and ice cream.

I asked a customer what she wanted to order and she replied with “are your milkshakes cold?””

10. She showed you.

“There was this woman on twitter who forced her cat to be vegan, I commented on her post saying that it’s very unhealthy for cats to be vegan because they’re carnivores. They’re meant to eat meat.

The woman answered, dead serious:”But what about diabetes?”

11. Wait, is that wrong?

“Teacher: Can anyone tell me what anthropology is?

Girl in my class: It’s the study of ants.”

12. Green grass.

“I used to work in a garden center and one of the staff had a few screws loose.

A customer asked if we had sod in stock and she said yes. Customer asked, “Is it bluegrass?”

She confidently answered, “No, I believe it’s green.””

13. Never mind…

“I am on a village board:
“How can we reduce expenses overall, in the Fire Department?”
Lady stands up and boldly and proudly states “We could START by filling our own fire hydrants!”


“I saw (neighboring town) filling our hydrants with their water truck when we have our OWN damn water truck!”

Ma’am…was that last week? We had a grass fire and (neighboring town) was assisting us. they were FILLING their truck FROM our hydrants to continue assisting us.

“OH…Never mind”

14. I’m no quitter!

“I once told my friend he should quit smoking. He instantly replied he’s not a quitter.

You could tell he realized his dumb reply by his face expression.”

15. This is REALLY bad.

“Some of my coworkers were discussing climate change in the break room one day and one of my coworkers said: “I think all these hurricanes we’ve been having lately are caused by all these wind turbines they keep building.

If you think about it, they’re just giant fans blowing air around, it’s probably making us have more hurricanes”. I didn’t even attempt to explain how that’s the exact opposite of how a wind turbine works.”


Probably not the finest moment for these folks.

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