15 People Talk About the Times They Went From Caring About Someone to Loathing Them


Have you ever had someone in your life screw you over so bad or do something so unforgivable that you went from caring about them to hating them just like that? Like a switch just flipped?

Unfortunately, people can be really shitty to each other, so this happens all the time.

People on AskReddit shared their personal stories.

1. Lost all respect.

“Had a really great friend in high school. He was cool but he’s always be trying to sell stuff to people in the hallways, like video games or pocket knives or sunglasses. After over a year of being friends with him he came over to my house to hang out and when he left a bunch of my favorite video games were missing.

I realized what was happening, and I had plans on forgiving him if he just fessed up and apologized. Instead he got super defensive and angry, and I instantly lost any respect I had for the guy.”

2. Heinous.

“She accused my dad of sexually assaulting her at a sleepover.

Went to court and after first day of trial she admitted she made it up because she was jealous of my relationship with my parents.

Meanwhile, my Dad’s legal bill was 17K, and her family immediately filed for bankruptcy a week after, so we couldn’t pursue them civilly. They were legit poor, so wouldn’t have made a difference.

Comes out later she had done the same thing before.

She’s been married, divorced, and the kicker is her current common law husband is her ex-husband’s friend’s FATHER. Heinous.”

3. Flip of the switch.

“My brand new step mother scream cried at me in public because she had left her purse at their wedding venue. I, an 11 year old was supposed to have known somehow to keep an eye on it for her. I didn’t hate her right away, but that was definitely a switch flip moment on how I felt about her.”

4. It was messed up.

“My mother was an alc*holic growing up. I used to take her side in all the fights she had with my dad. When I was at an older age I realised she was using my dad. She had no job and my dad who was 64 was working his ass off to pay for my sister, me and my parents.

Then my dad said we didn’t have enough money for something and basically my Mum said “So.. We’re poor?” My parents later split up and she found another boyfriend almost instantly. She still didn’t have a job. So I figured out that she used my dad, then was using her boyfriend. Yeah, it was messed up.”

5. We’re done.

“Gave my roommate an envelope with a money order for bills in it, to drop in the mail. He got arrested. While looking for some of his documents to take to him I found the opened, empty envelope in his closet. Peace out.”

6. It will never be the same.

“My best friend who I considered a brother was working for me, I called him to talk about the next job(construction) and he Informed me that he had started his own company and taken my other full time employee with him (who was working with me that day). Yeah needless to say that one stung for a bit. We’re cordial now but it will never be the same after that. Its been 3 years.”

7. Stabbed in the back.

“When my best friend of 10 years slept with my boyfriend of 2 years. I was so crushed but to be honest was more angry with the friend. I truly did believe that I was deeply in love with the boyfriend but he was kind of a shithead to begin with….

I saw my friend as a sister and her betrayal left longer lasting impact and hurt way more. I hated her in a violent way for a very long time…fast forward 11 years and now I am to a point where I have forgiven her and wish her well but would never let her back into my life again.”

8. Never spoke again.

“When my grandfather screamed at my mother that she had ruined his life by being born. Never spoke to him again after that.”

9. The love is gone.

“My mother fought cancer for 5 years. My father let my sister and I do 95% of the work/caregiving and after her death expected us to step into her place and take care of him. The man I used to love and respect is gone and I can’t stand to be around him anymore.”

10. That’s sketchy.

“Found out this girl I was getting close to had been lying about her ex being a deadbeat dad and well, her ex. He wasn’t just still in the picture, they lived together. I should have guessed after the third or fourth time she made an excuse to not go to her place. Never ended something so quick.”

11. Let’s never meet again.

“1 year friendship with this girl. I invited her over to my new apartment. She came over and wanted to gossip about her coworkers. When she paused, I tried to add in to the conversation (make a joke, give reassurance, add a comment, etc) but she would immediately raise her voice and start talking over me.

I kept getting angrier every time it happened until I was actually loathing her internally. She was so self absorbed that she didn’t notice I went from smiling & engaged to frowning while staring off into space. After 2+ hours of not being allowed to talk, I made up an excuse to kick her out of the apartment and then vowed to never see her again.”

12. Derrick.

“My childhood friend he lived pretty close to me and seemed like a nice dude until he stole my GoldenEye and moved to Minnesota. Fuck you Derrick!”

13. Ouch…

“When he straight up denied my existence in front of his friends.”

14. That is scandalous.

“As fast as it took for his wife to call me at work to tell me that he was not only married, but had three children including a newborn.”

15. Years down the drain.

“My ex girlfriend. We were childhood sweethearts. Dated from 17 to 25. Found out she was cheating on me with her boss, who was more than twice our age.

Then proceeded to find out there was many more occurrences and she was a very different person than the person I’d been dating. Shattered.”

Well, those responses definitely brought back some interesting memories I hadn’t thought about in a while.

Have you ever gone through something like this in your life?

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