15 People Talk About the TV Shows They Really Don’t Like

I tried…I really tried

But, despite my best efforts, I could not get into any kind of Star Trek show.

I’m sorry, okay! Don’t get so upset!

I guess it’s just not my thing…

But enough about me! Let’s hear about the TV shows that AskReddit users can’t stand!

1. Forced.

“I feel like the “Talent” shows are all just forced feel good stories masked with mediocre acts.

“So and so’s mom had cancer so she deserves to go to the next round”.”

2. Bad news.

“Dance Moms.

I do not care what publicity it gave those children Abby is a child a**ser and manipulator and shouldn’t be allowed within ten feet of a child.”

3. Who’s watching?

“Who the f**k is watching all these Chicago Fire PD Wild Country FBI shows??

There are so many hilariously nondescript cop/firefighter/fbi shows. I never watch network TV anymore, so when I tune into a football game or something and see them, it’s hilarious to see all these weird trailers for s**t that I’ve never even heard of, and frankly, quite pathetic what the major broadcast networks have been reduced to.”

4. Morons.

“Thirteen Reasons Why.

Every character is a moron, and the show is also extremely boring.”

5. Bottom of the barrel.

“Dating shows.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel there.

I don’t know how anyone can watch that s**t.”

6. You might be right.

“The View.

It feels like every time I’m in a doctor’s lobby, The View is on.

It’s funny to imagine that the only people who watch the show are people sitting in lobbies.”

7. Sob stories.

“The Voice.

The Voice was good when it first started but now it’s just soullessly pimping out sob stories and selling s**t on iTunes.”

8. Pure trash.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians.

I just don’t understand the hype around any of them and the way they all speak and treat each other is just trash.”

9. Thanks, Mom.

“All My Children.

The show was soooooo boring my mom would record it on VHS then watch it when we got home from school/work. I think that show is why I did homework it was better than watching that show.

Oh and if you f**ked with her recording process, you better hide!!”

10. No thanks!

“Dancing With Stars is like a terrible high school talent show with all the bells and whistles.

Like a pig with lipstick….”

11. Painful.

“Young Sheldon is painfully bad.

The whole premise doesn’t make sense, no matter what kind of character development/growth happens he completely regresses by the time of The Big Bang Theory.”

12. Not good.

“The Good Doctor.

I can’t stand it, but he was so good on Bates Motel.”

13. It’s a big hit…


It’s just rich people being d**ks to each other.

Who cares?”

14. You’re so vain.

“Too Hot to Handle.

A bunch of vain, vapid, shallow, empty people who would be more valuable as soylent green.”

15. Never recovered.

“The Walking D**d.

It WAS good, but they made the mistake of k**ling of a main character who’d hadn’t finished their character arc, a fan favorite at that.

Never been able to fully recover.”

What TV shows do you not like?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks in advance!