15 People Talk About Things That Are Big No-Nos in Their Countries

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When you visit a foreign country, you need to keep your eyes open so you can pick up on the local customs.

What people do. What they DON’T do.

And, most importantly, things that will make you stick out and are looked down upon as taboo by the natives.

It’s best to avoid all of the bad stuff, ya know?

Folks on AskReddit opened up and shared things that are considered no-nos in their country. Let’s take a look.

1. Czech it out.

“Smiling and being courteous, in Czech Republic.

However, as cold and quiet as Czechs are, they are oddly compelled to say goodbye every time they exit an elevator.”

2. Sweden.

“Not sitting as far away as possible from any other person when you get on a bus.

You think Swedes don’t pratice social distancing; well, we are and we always have been.”

3. Next one’s on you.

“When drinking with friends.

Leaving without buying your round. That sh*t will get you kneecapped.”

4. Wow.


I live in Nigeria.

I don’t have a problem with it but a lot of people do.”

5. Don’t even think about it!

“Putting milk in with the tea bag.


6. I like these.

“In Japan it’s a big no to talk on your cellphone on the train.

Spitting in public is another no no.”

7. Bad idea.

“Saying that you like Hawaiian pizza.

People will get offended and insult you for this in Italy.

Dont try it!”

8. Gross.

“The Nazi salute

I imagine (hope) it’s frowned upon everywhere, but in my country, it can get you arrested or beat up.”

9. I’m on board!

“Being against saunas.

People like that should be taken behind the sauna.”

10. Don’t bring it up.

“Talking about money…

Never ask someone how much he earns or owns.

It’s a taboo.”

11. Poland.


If you print a picture of Virgin Mary and add an LGBT rainbow as her crown, you’re gonna get arrested (dragged out of your home in the morning), pay a hefty fine or even end up in jail.

Basically f*cking with anything remotely connected to Catholicism will get you arrested.”

12. Unwise.

“Jumping the queue.

You will face the full wrath of a British person!”

13. Don’t stop eating.

“I’m from Romania.

Going to your grandparents or relatives house and refusing to eat all the food they offer you. And that is usually a whole table filled with slana cu ceapa, mamaliga, sarmale and palinca.”

14. Man up!

“Having a mental illness or a phobia.

People will always tell you to “Man up!” “Stop acting like a baby!”

Or the most common “Ughh you’re one of those attention seekers”.”

15. All hail the King.

“Norwegian citizen here.

A huge no-no here is saying something negative about our king. In Norway we take pride in the freedom to voice your own opinion, but if you say anything slightly negative about our king you are officially an *sshole and no one will like you.

Here’s the thing, there’s a broad variety of political opinions and standpoints between people in this country, but we all love our king.

He is around 80 years old now but he is still very wise, open-minded, and probably the most respected person in Norway.”

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about the things that folks shouldn’t do in your country.

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