15 People Talk About Why They Like to Be Alive

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Life has a way of knocking you down, dragging you around, and making you feel like you can’t get up again.

So why do we get back on our feet?

Because life is amazing! And those really tough times make you stronger and when times are good, you can point to those heartaches and realize they shaped you into the person you are.

So enjoy the little things, take care of your family and friends, work hard, and do your best to BE HAPPY.

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded to this question.

1. Get through the BS.

“There are many things that make me like being alive, like my best friends, my husband, his daughter, my dog, a future.

I just have to wade through all the bullshit to enjoy them.”

2. Your purpose.

“Even though I need to remind myself sometimes, I like to be alive because my husband and family give me joy and purpose. Ultimately, I need to not be so hard on myself sometimes, and I think most people could relate to that.

I need to take more joys in my successes rather than think, “Cool, finally didn’t fuck something up,” which is what I tend to do.”

3. All the small things.

“Seeing people’s faces when they get a nice text. Getting the window seat on a plane. Playing with babies.

Flipping through a stack of records. Hitting the rev limiter. Perfectly ripe watermelons. My dog. Everything lavender scented. A goal scored with 2 minutes left in the 3rd. When the coffee/cream/sugar balance is flawless.

Painting a room with friends. The electrical buzz when you walk downtown after rain. Overdressing for events. Finding something you thought was lost forever.

I could write a million of these and they change every day.”

4. Nearing the end.

“I’m terminally ill and the closer I’ve gotten to death the more I’ve just sat back and watched nature, genuinely stopping to smell the roses. It’s the little things in life that make life worth living.

The family of birds in a nearby tree communicating with each other. The dog  you wake up every morning to and can’t wait to see you and be around you.”

I even oddly like watching the trees rustle on a windy day. Watching my fish swim around their aquarium. Valuing the time and memories I make with my wife and friends.

People that say life isn’t worth living need to try their very best to smell the roses, watch the sun rise or Sun set. I know sometimes life really can get us down in the dumps but life is truly beautiful.”

5. Kiddos.

“I have two kids.

Every day they annoy the crap out of me and each other. But they also bring me great joy.

They are smart, funny and find joy in the world in ways that I never knew possible.”

6. Found your happy place.

“My husband and our dogs.

All throughout high school I told myself that I wouldn’t live beyond 21 years old and truly believed it. Depression kicked my ass back then.

My now husband and I met when I was 19 and I swear he saved me. Four years later and I’ve never been so happy in my entire life.”

7. Music.


Can’t read it. Can’t carry a tune. Know nothing about playing an instrument, except silent night on a keyboard, know nothing about arrangement, song writing, none of it.

But when a song hits that sweet spot, where you can feel your heart rate get faster, you start slightly sweating, the hairs on your arm stand on end and you go all goose pimply and “electric”, so much so you see colours…

That’s what keeps me alive. Its a high I can chase and get results fairly often with the only side effects being listening to a song so much it gets old quickly….or eventually tinnitus.”

8. The road back.

“It’s officially been one year since I almost ended my life, and I’m pretty proud of it and wanted to share it.

It’s always the little things that keep me going. Sunsets, endorphin rushes after workouts, pancakes, little moments of joy with my friends, art, trying new things, etc.

I don’t always feel better than that day a year ago, but I know that there will always be moments in the future that I will feel better that make everything worth it.”

9. Too much fun.

“There are so many things that I want to learn as well as so many things that I want to be good at!

I love working hard and seeing progress and improvement, it’s just too fun.”

10. I like these things.

“The woods and the ocean.

Getting the giggles that don’t quit with anyone, but especially with a close friend. I don’t think there’s anything better.”

11. Ups and downs.

“Although life goes ups and downs, I’m pretty happy how its going.

Last year I graduated from college and I have a great job, good friends and a loving family. My only wish is I could get a nice GF, but I always have one million reasons to thank for being alive :).”

12. There you go.

“I LOVE to smoke weed.”

13. Keep moving forward.

“Because I haven’t figured it out yet.

I’ve been struggling with depression for so long now but what’s always kept me going is I haven’t found that thing that just kinda ties it all together. Now at this point I just have to see what it is.

If the statement is true of good things come to those who wait then I’m hoping things get pretty good eventually.”

14. All you need.

“Laughing with my wife

snuggling on the couch with my daughter

playing Pokemon with my son

listening to people whose hearts are broken

hot pepperoni pizza with peppercinis

hot coffee on cold mornings

singing loudly and poorly off-key

the smell of freshly baked bread

smiling at strangers

telling bawdy jokes over beers and whiskey

peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches

sleepy cats in my lap

crisp apples

playing portal 2 again

the sound of snow after it has fallen


new sharpie markers.”

15. A good story.

“I met a blind guy at the bar tonight, we started talking about normal small talk, he asked me what I did for work after my rambling on about my job for a few minutes I asked him what he did for work, he responded “well it’s kind of complicated”.

I said back to him “please don’t tell me you’re a truck driver” he laughed harder than I’ve seen anyone laugh in a long time. Long story short, sometimes people that have life harder than you need to laugh and you might just be the person to loosen up their lives or whatever.”

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