15 People Tell the Scariest Story They Ever Heard

All of us have heard a story that really sticks with us in our life – the one that creeped you out so badly you’ll never forget it.

So good that you just have to tell other people so you can scare them too.

Now, these 15 people are taking the opportunity to share all of the rest of us, too, because the internet!

15. Hard to blame them.

We go to Knott’s. It’s time for the log ride, and the decorations are 100 times scarier. My dad (sweet, gentle man btw) laughs at my fear and starts messing with his knife, making small cuts on his hand – not enough to hurt – and wiping the blood on my face.

Fully knowing that I am squeamish! Then he picks me up and throws me at a figure with an axe. The scary decoration comes to life and chops me in half as my dad’s log floats past. I am unable to die.

I scream for help and wail in excruciating pain, but everyone on the ride thinks that I am a decoration too. Even when Halloween is over, the workers just think that I am a faulty one that can’t be turned off. Year after year passes, with me suffering unnoticed by the world wishing for death.

I am always brought out as a decoration until the workers tire of me and toss me in a bonfire to be rid of ” the broken junk.” Finally my spirit ascends to heaven, where I can rest in peace. And I wake up.

I still don’t ride the log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm anymore.

14. Chills down the spine.

One night me and my friend decided to go on a walk around her neighborhood. We walked up to a park, and were running around the front of it acting crazy. Except then, we stepped on a wasp nest, so we decided to walk back.

When we were walking back, a car drove past us, driving really slowly, and with all of the windows down. We kind of thought the car was creepy, so we crossed the street to be next to the houses.

That was when the car drove up the street again. So we ran into a bush just to be safe, though we assumed the car had just made a wrong turn. Except I didn’t get all the way in the bush, and the car saw us. So as we started walking back down the street again, we saw the car passing us again.

By now we had deduced that it was likely following us. We ran into someone’s yard, who was working on their porch.

And we stayed with them until the car had gone away. So anyways, that is my story.

13. Ghosts are no joke.

Stomping up and down hallway most nights

Cups/glasses/cutlery shivered occasionally

The cold water would suddenly turn boiling hot

All the doors slammed and wouldn’t open when female flatmate hopped out of bathroom in house alone

Female flatmate saw people staring through her windows twice. (She only lasted two weeks in the house)

My alarm clock which didn’t work (used it to tell time, not wake me up) would start blaring then turn off as soon as we walked in the room

NOBODY could sleep in the lounge; rugby playing manly men would end up on the floor in somebody’s bedroom, or walking home

The neighbors congratulated us when we lasted three months – we’d been the longest tenants in years. Although a lot of folks that lived with me didn’t last long either.

It was eventually knocked down years later but construction of flats stopped half-way thru.

12. True story??

A neighbor of mine was telling me and my wife about a market that he used to go to.

-He said that there were a lot of interesting shops and stalls so one weekend we took a trip there. This is where it all began.

We looked around the shops and the stalls and there was a lot of interesting things. we bought quite a lot of stuff. Our hands were full of bags. we sat and ate for a while and then we carried on. As we got to the end of the market there was one little curious shop that i see. I like curiosity shops so this one caught my interest. It had dirty dingy windows each panel about the size of an A4 piece of paper. Inside the windows there were little curious items so we went in. It smelled old and musky. There was another customer in there when we entered but when he saw us he quickly turned and left.

We thought nothing of it and carried on looking. I was looking on this certain shelf and there was one thing that caught my eye, it was a candle in the shape of a human head. it looked so realistic and detailed that i decided to buy it. I took it to the counter and rang the bell. Not long after a short man in black clothing came out from nowhere. I said “hi” and he then just smirked and served me.

For some strange reason he put the candle in a wooden box and nailed it shut and then said “you don’t want that to get damaged, do you?” again with an unusual grin. When we got home we unpacked the bags. As I unpacked the bags I see the box and decide to open it. there it was the candle I had just purchased. When we were settled the wife said why don’t you light it? so I lit it. we watched it burn for a few minutes then settled to watch the TV. we watched our Programme then I started dinner. I was in the kitchen when I heard my wife screaming. I rushed in to see what was happening and after what I see I didn’t have to ask. The candle had melted and what was under the wax revealed a preserved human head!

I nearly fainted after what I saw. I called the police and reported it. I explained the details and whereabouts of the shop I got it from and they went to investigate while one copper stayed in my house.

A few hours later they came back. they explained that there was no such shop and never has been. They questioned the neighboring shops and they said the exact same thing. When they studied the head they found out that it was the head of my neighbor!

They found him dead in his home that morning without his head.

I just couldn’t explain how that could be. Anyway me and wife got questioned and arrested for it. my wife is now doing 10 years and me 15.

I am now into my 7th year. I have to finish it here as I have got to go back to my cell now but before I go, only buy small normal candles

11. That’s nuts.

I was an idiot and went to a haunted mortuary. The Old Butterworth mortuary in Seattle, WA, USA. It is CRAZY haunted. Look it up.

A large number of the people who went through as Butterworth customers were victims of Linda Laura Hazzard. Look her up, too, for a shiver or three. As you might imagine a bunch of the ghosts there are starvation ghosts. Add one shield free anorexic and… Well, I knew I was followed home by Someone. I kept seeing her in reflections where nobody was there to cast one. So I get home and I tell my pagan best friend that I was followed by a ghost.

She did some religious things that I don’t exactly remember? There was smudging, and some salt water and she told me to sleep in hematite rings.

I wore four to sleep that night.

I had a dream that I woke up and saw a person, *that* person who followed me home, staring in through my bedroom window. In the manner of dreams I looked at my hand and one ring, my right hand pinky ring, was full of holes.

The next day I went to take a shower and put am my rings in a little dish. When I got out I knocked the dish over. Only one of my rings broke. Bet you can guess which one.

10. Simple question, simple answer.

A man went to an hotel, staying in a room with a locked door.

The hotel worker said not to look in there.

At midnight, the man heard something strange coming from behind the door.

He decided to peek through the keygate.

He saw plain red, nothing else.

He went down to the hotel worker and asked what was in there.

She answered with “A ghost with red eyes.”

9. Mobs are always scary.

“Run.” they were coming from everywhere. Behind the trees, bushes, and up from the ground. They were surrounding me. I tried to run but couldn’t. My legs were frozen. I tried to scream but couldn’t. And all I could see was the ground crumbling away beneath me. And all I could hear was “join us” in a raspy whisper.

“I’m falling.” I cried as the ground beneath me gave away. I shot up from bed in cold sweat. I got up to get a refreshing drink of water. All I could hear in my mind was the raspy whisper. “Join us” I shook off the weird tingly feeling and went outside to a clear open field, in the middle of the forest. I usually come here to calm myself, or when I’m overwhelmed.

There was a girl there. “I was hoping you’d come here,” she said in the same raspy whisper without turning around.The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I turned and ran. My house was off in the distance.but every step forward seemed like a step back I knew it was no use. But I kept trying. The ground giving away every second. Until I realized i’m running in place.

“Join us” the girl turned around to reveal her face. A fleshy face. Full with teeth and black slimy drool I fell into a black abyss forever to be forgotten. I realized I had fallen in front of my house. How that was possible, I do not know.

I got up. I went to my house MOM DAD! I was relieved to see them. But when they turned I saw the same fleshy, toothy slimy face as I had seen before. “You’re one of us” No this couldn’t be right “WHERE ARE MY PARENTS!” I screeched.

The Nightmarish version of my parents murmured “gone” I broke down onto my knees. And wept. Only to see I was crying black slime. “No” I gasped. Surprised to hear my voice. “No, no NO” I screeched “yes” “you’re becoming one of us”. The nightmarish people laughed a malicious laugh. “No” I whimpered, “No.”

8. A children’s book?

“Nobody Here But You” from a book called Kids’ America by Steven Caney.

It’s about a wicked old blind man who gets visited by a “thing” one evening and dies of fright after attempting to escape it.

7. I bet it was real.

When I was in eighth grade about five years ago I was asleep when I got the feeling I was being watched.

Instead of doing the normal thing and pretending I was asleep I opened my eyes and sat up.

At the end of my bed standing up was the figure of a person.

It was completely dark and I couldn’t see facial features.

The figure was wearing a hat and what looked like a cape.

I got light headed and fell back asleep. I don’t know if this was a dream or reality.

If it was a dream it was very vivid since I can still remember it.

Five years later I still can’t explain it.

6. This is why I don’t go camping.

When my friend’s dad was around 17 years old, he decided to go camping with about 8 or so of his friends. This took place in the Wisconsin forest. When they got to the site, they decided to split up to collect firewood in groups of two, and meet back at the site in around 20 minutes. One group wasn’t back right away, and since they were a couple, they just assumed they were fornicating in some bushes, and cracked a couple jokes about it. After around an hour they decided they should probably go look for them, and headed off to search in the area they had been collecting wood.

They saw behind a bush part of the girl’s bloody shirt, and the man’s shoes were lying scattered around the scene. They quickly rushed back to their car so they could drive to the park ranger’s office, which was about 5 miles away, and report the incident. However, they found that their gas had been syphoned, so they had no choice but to walk. On their walk back to the office, they saw a semi pass by with one driver and two faces pressed up against the window, which they believe were their friends begging for help.

The two friends were reported missing and have never been found to this day.

5. A creepy little tale.

15th June, 2016, in a field surrounded by crisp sea air and windswept trees

The silence was cold, and in the dark i shuddered as my mind filled with thoughts of what creatures lurked in the darkness, waiting to pounce. out of the silence, i heard a ghostly whisper that said ‘come when the bell tolls thrice’.

I stood, very confused, and walked away from the voice, being careful where i stepped. i had walked for probably around an hour, then i started to see pale gold dots in the distance, and heard the sounds of horses and carriage wheels.i picked up my pace a little, until i reached a village. the houses were small and quiet, with no light coming from them, no horses to be seen, though the lights were still lit. i ran along the dirt paths and winding alleys between houses but i saw nobody, nothing.

I sat where i was, while constantly vigilant of my surroundings. in the dark i spotted a bell tower. and remembered what the voice had said: ‘come when the bell tolls thrice’. i checked nobody was coming and ran towards the bell tower. there was a rather torn looking rope hanging from the bell. then, everything went fuzzy and i fell to the floor. confused and strangely dazed, i got up, but realized, the village was full, it appeared to be early evening, but, based on the attire of the villagers, i had somehow reversed time…

I got up and walked over to an old woman perched on a step outside a house, and asked her: ‘excuse me ma’am, what day is it?’. the woman heard me, and replied ’15th October, 1856.’ my heart skipped a beat and, panicking, i thanked her, and ran to the bell tower. a young man with a horse and carriage nearby, walked up to the bell tower, and rang the bell once. in a state of panic, i ran down the village path, all the way down to where i first heard the voice.

The bell rang twice more before i got there. thoughts filled my head: what would happen? Who’s the voice? how is all this happening? why? as i panicked, i heard a ghostly voice again ‘you will suffer for this’. nothing happened for a few seconds…

Suddenly, everything began to spin, and slowly faded into darkness. i felt the cold, wet, mossy ground, then nothing more. it must’ve been a while before i regained consciousness, but when i awoke, everything ached, i was weak and dizzy, though i staggered to get up. trembling, i stood and surveyed my surroundings. then it hit. bizarre visions, of me, dead, hung by a rope, bleeding, then more visions of my friends, rotting, having suffered the same face.

I regained a grasp on reality, realising I wasn’t in the field i was in before, rather a smoky, brick house with a rotten wooden door, with an auburn fire blazing away across the room. the door startled me as it creaked open. heavy footsteps entered the room.

The smoke cleared a little as i squinted at the face. an old man, with a bit of rope loosely tied round his wrist like a bracelet. he had a knife around his waist, which he slowly took, raised above me, and plunged deep into my arm. i screamed in pain, but he stabbed again, and again, until darkness filled my vision, everything went hazy, i sank into nothing, i was dead.

4. Asking for trouble.

Jake and his brother David were ghost hunters. Not the ones that go around sucking up ghosts in backpack vacuum cleaners, but ghost hunter that actually wanted to talk to the spirits. They had many ways of talking to them but their favorite was to go right up to the tombstones and ask the spirits to come out. Now listen closely, because this is the story of where it all went wrong.

It was a full moon, but the clouds shrouded the moon so much that only a faint sliver of light was to be seen. The brothers climbed over the wall into the graveyard and were cautious, for they weren’t allowed in after dusk, and if the keeper found them they could be in grave (lol grave, get it?!) trouble. They found the largest most ornate grave and began to set up the recorder. They were afraid to shine their light on the name etched on the tombstone, so they began without looking.

“Oh spirit, come and speak to us” Jake began. There was nothing.

“Spirit, tell us your name.” Nothing happened, but after a second, a faint scratching sound came from behind the tombstone. Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch.

“Oh spirit, speak your name” Jake said again. Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch. David glanced at his brother, beginning to ask if he should shine the light on the stone, but never finished his question, for a great black darkness arose from behind the tombstone. Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch, was the noise that echoed from deep inside the shadowy figure. All too late, the brother realized something was wrong, and the shadow engulfed them and pulled them into the grave.

The next morning, as the keeper was making his rounds, he noticed the recorder on the ground.

He picked it up and pressed play. This is what he heard;

“Spirit, tell us your name.”

“None speak my name for they will not see light again if they do.” said the raspy and spine chilling voice that emerged from the recorder.

“Oh Spirit, speak your name.”

“Again, none speak my name for it is forbidden from the tongues of man. Now, I shall rise.” said the same voice, with an edge of excitement.

The screams echoed in the keepers ears as he walked to his shed and tossed the recorder into the piles with many others.

3. Imagine waking up to that.

A soft hand touched her shoulder shaking her lightly from her slumber. Her eyes opened slowly as the hand left and a grown flitted across her face at the lit candle sitting two feet from her face. The candle was in a tarnished, beaten and weathered brass candleholder with more green than brass showing. A single loop for one finger stuck out of the back of it as tarnished as the rest, thinned and slightly bent from years of handling. Wax had built up around the base of the candle with bulging wax lines running down the length of the candlestick from it’s use.

Frowning deeper she wondered why there was a candle there when someone just could have turned on the lights. Footsteps ran near her making the floorboards groan at the passage as they popped back into place. Awake now she jerked up wondering how the hell someone could make so much noise on carpet as she looked around the room. She froze, shock washing through along with a small burst of adrenaline that flushed through her like a small bolt of electricity. This wasn’t her room. This was a room she had never seen before. Her hands shook as she reached for the candleholder, getting her finger hooked into the grip and bringing the light closer to her. The light shook as she looked around the shaking in her hands making the shadows dance and morph into things only her imagination could define.

The musty scent of mildew seemed to emanated from everywhere as she looked around her. An end table was the closet thing to her, streaked with white and black lines, the wood swollen and rotten looking. It looked as if it has met the wall as pieces of it lay scattered while the price itself looked half broken apart and laying on it’s side, it’s drawers missing. Looking behind her she let out a soft breath as a wall was there. It was pitted from things being thrown at it but it was still whole, though the wallpaper was stained, torn, and she couldn’t make out a pattern on it. Getting to her feet she put her back to the wall and looked at what she could see of the room.

The small amount of illumination the light brought showed distraction, age, and rot. Furniture like the end table looked as if they had been thrown by rage or desperation. The wood was stained and swollen as it had been destroyed by water. She lifted her candle and looked at the ceiling but it looked as intact as the wall. A movement had her letting out a help until she realized it was attached to her arm.

“What the hell?” She looked at her arm before looking at herself.

She was in a night dress that looked like something out of the old family photos from people in her family she’d never met because they lived long before her. The off white gown fell almost to her feet, the neck gathered by small cords of silk that had a small bow leaving the neck opened to almost her shoulders. The sleeves were gathered at the wrist and elbow but extra fabric made some kind of decorative almost poof between her shoulder to elbow and elbow to wrist. The fabric wasn’t starched so the poof just left dangling excess fabric on her arms. She caught sight of bare feet and shot the room a hesitant look.

The furniture wasn’t the only thing everywhere. Paper, small broken objects, shards that glinted looking like glass, clothing, cloth, cords from curtains, the ground was littered with destroyed things. She curled her toes at the thought of even stepping on what smelled like mildewed and rot riddled clothing let alone something sharp. She held the candle out again and looked for someone or something that would tell her where she was or how to get out. After checking close to her and not seeing so much as a mouse she slid her foot against the floorboards. It groaned, that groan making her freeze as it echoed around the room she was in.

She held her breath as her heart started racing, her body freeing as she strained to hear anything else as the groan faded. Her heart pounded again her ribs as she took small short steady breaths.

2. I’m all in with haunted dolls.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Penelope. Her parents spoiled her, and she got everything she wanted.

One day, Penelope’s 9th birthday, her parents got her a doll. It was an ugly doll, with a tattered white dress, tangled brown hair, and fake blood on her neckline. Penelope hated the doll, but she kept it. When she pulled the string on its back, the doll said “I love you!”.

But, one day, Penelope pulled the string and it said “I will kiiiiillllll youuuuu”. Penelope was terrified. She threw the doll in the trash… But that night, in bed, Penelope heard a sound on the stairs… “3 steps awaaaayyyy…” Penelope screamed and her parents scolded her. The next night, she heard “2 steps awaaaayyyy…” Penelope went to inspect and saw a suspiciously doll-like shadow disappearing around the corner holding… a dripping knife.

Penelope screamed again and went to her parents. Her parents were dead. There was blood everywhere, and on the wall, inked in blood, was ‘YOU’RE NEXT’.

Penelope was too scared to do anything, so she went back to bed and stayed there all the next day. The next night… “I’m outside your doooooor.” And then: “I’m at the foot of your beeeeeed.” Then Penelope felt something crawl onto the bed and heard “I’M RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!”

And that was the end of Penelope.

1. That one gets me, too.

This isn’t a story, but a movie instead: The Descent.

I could barely watch it, and that’s saying something because I love scary movies.

If it was told as a story I would still shiver.

I couldn’t sleep for hours after I watched that movie.

I can’t say I’m sorry to have heard these, how about you?

Do you have a scary story to share? The comments are open!