15 People Weigh in on the Worst Movie They’ve Ever Seen

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What’s your least favorite movie of all time? I’m talking about a film that gets you physically nauseous and makes your blood boil.

I know what mine is, but since I’m a man on honor, I will keep it to myself.

But these AskReddit users didn’t hold back!

Share yours in the comments!

1. Sounds incredible

“A little gem called Airplane vs Volcano. It’s on Amazon Prime. It stars Dean Cain. It’s about an airplane with about 6 passengers that gets stuck inside an emerging ring of volcanos off the coast of Hawaii. The pilots die due to… Don’t think about it.

And the airplane has an emergency auto-pilot that makes the plane fly in circles. You know! To avoid another 9/11. Now it’s up to Dean Cain and some other passengers to push past the volcanoes’ ash clouds. They have to survive… Meteors?

That always hit the wings of the plane. And a psycho who thinks Dead Cain is not doing his best, so he wants to form a mutiny and basically kill everyone. The Army is there, and they can help, except the general doesn’t want to because of reasons. So he waits until the final moment to send a squad of fighter jets, to fight volcanoes mind you, and get all the passengers to safety.

Dean Cain gets hit by… I have no fucking clue… But he decides to sacrifice himself by crashing the plane (which is now filled with bombs) into the Big Boss Volcano. Even though everyone was evacuated and he can be evacuated as well and get medical help, he goes though with it saying “You’re a big bitch” as he crashed into the big volcano.

Seriously 0/10 but it’s worth to watch.”

2. I need to check this out


With Gary Oldman, in the role of a lifetime…”

3. Won’t be seeing that

“House of the Dead. Worst mesh of game and movie integration I have ever seen. Terrible directing with terrible actors in an incoherent plot.”

4. Not a good viewing experience

“Ahh there was a Ted Bundy movie that came out in the late 90s/early 2000s. I was sleeping over my cousins’ house and my uncle went to Blockbuster and asked for a “scary” movie, but I guess he didn’t specify that we were all like 12-15. We watched the whole thing. It was so so awful, and it wasn’t only because it was traumatic.”

5. Two doozies

“I’ll only focus on full budget, studio productions. Small-time movies are hard and I hardly blame people for messing those up.

Battlefield Earth – OK, so this is funny if you think of it as a comedy, but they clearly intended for it to be a real scifi movie. This is a movie that is 1000 years in the future and they find our fighter jets….in a hangar…..with fuel in them…..that still work when you turn them on….and are able to learn to fly them and shoot missiles with them(which also still work).

Highlander 2 – So the immortals we learned about….come from a planet….a planet where you die in normal time….but our two leads are punished by being sent to earth…..where they will be immortal….until the villain go to earth later himself…..not having aged even though he was back on the other planet.”

6. Hahahaha

“Gigli. My girlfriend at the time made me take her to see it. We broke up later that week.”

7. Sounds traumatic

“Gotti starring John Travolta. I took a girl on a second date as she wanted to see it due to her love for mob/mafia movies. I think I witnessed part of her soul die that night.

There was no third date.”

8. Not a fan

“Slenderman. F*ck that movie.”

9. Childhood = Ruined

“Dragonball Evolution. It was like watching a drunk guy vomit all over my childhood.”

10. What a load…

“Human Centipede 3. Not like I thought it would be anything more than a bad horror flick, but man what a load of annoying shit.”

11. Just terrible…

“That Adam Sandler movie ‘Jack & Jill’. It was terrible.”

12. Heard some things about this…

“Fantastic Four (2015)

An awful movie that becomes completely incoherent in the 2nd half.”

13. Sounds decent

“Birdemic. It was so bad it was hilarious.”

14. Atrocious

“After Earth.

The acting was atrocious and the story barely made any sense. I mean who’s idea was it to have Will Smith and Jayden Smith talk in shitty psuedo-english accents during the movie??? I mean I know it’s supposed to be “how english will sound like in the future,” but that seems somehow even more stupid.”

15. A Nic Cage delight

“The Wicker Man with Nic Cage. So awful I couldn’t leave the theater, crying laughing. Trying to create suspense by bicycling quickly through the countryside. So bad.”