15 People Who Are Failing Miserably at Loading Dishwashers


What is wrong with people? I mean, seriously?

Is it really that difficult to load a damn dishwasher properly? Apparently, the answer to that question is a resounding “YES” because these photos prove it is a very widespread phenomenon.

You know what? These are all major FAILS.

1. No knives in the dishwasher!

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When loading the dishwasher do you put knife blades down or up?? I went to unload the dishwasher and found these! ? . . . #thisdoesntseemsafe #dishwasherproblems #iappreciatethehelp #gratefulheart❤️

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2. NO!

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How to load a dishdrawer, singapore style…!! But I shan't bitch as I'm happy to have the lovely folk from my fave city state back following the sharp drop off in bookings once I put shower restrictions in place – 15 mins maximum per person instead of the 1 – 2 hours that some of them were taking to "wash their hair" usually in the middle of the night… #dishdrawer #fisherandpaykel #integratedappliances #airbnbsuperhost #dishwasherproblems #firstworldproblems

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3. Leave it

4. Nailed it

5. Does that go there?

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…when you find a baseball cap in your dishwasher… WTF? #sorandom #whodidthis #baseball #funny #dishwasherproblems #isthisnormal

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6. He tried

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My sweet son tried so hard when he loader the dishwasher last night! Needless to say it was his first time loading a dishwasher! #chores #dishwasherfail #sweetboy

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7. Not a good idea

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Gail is pretty sure that The Youngest has already learnt about patterns and sequences in primary school- so why is it that none of the turds can load a fucking dishwasher? #instagail #dishwasherfail #loaditproperly #mom #domesticbliss

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8. Yikes

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When you leave your fiancé home by himself for a week… #dishwasherproblems #ilovehimanyway ❤️

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9. Total disaster

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Does anyone else out there that lives with their significant other have this problem.. I don't know where the hell my boyfriend learned to load a dishwasher… Its so full i cant even shut it. This is what i deal with on a daily basis.. Somebody help me, ease my conscious and tell me I am not the only one that deals with this. #goals #relationshipgoals #dishwasherproblems #boyfriend #trouble #helpme

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10. UGLY

11. Not his thing

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Let me start off by saying I ? my hubby more then anything and I genuinely appreciate all that he does but efficiently loading the dishwasher is not his thing…. @boschusa ???

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12. Raging

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“Kentucky woman wanted for murder in slaying of husband. When questioned for motive, she showed police this photograph. Half drank toddler cups of milk were also found at the scene.” #dishwasherproblems #toddlers #husbands #whycantyouloadthedishwasherlikeanormalfuckinghumanbeing

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13. Wrong soap

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Don’t put washing up liquid in the dishwasher Emily you complete dick head! ???‍♀️???‍♀️? #soap #fairyliquid #dishwasherfail

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14. Too much soap

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???? fail alert ? left two dishes to soak on the side with fairy liquid. James put them in the dishwasher without rinsing and this is the result ?????? #dishwasherfail #foamparty #snowmachine #glowsticksready

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15. Awwwww

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Ha! I so clearly remember an argument I had with my college roommate over how to load the dishwasher… It was my first glimpse into the fact that not everyone loaded the dishwasher the same way (seriously? Not everyone loads back to front and in an organized fashion?! this *rocked* my world) I think it was also my first step toward becoming slightly less Type A. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fairly Type A, maybe like a Type A-, but significantly less so. I’ve learned to let go of some the things that just don’t matter, like loading the dishwasher from back to front… the world won’t end if it’s not totally full and 100% maximized in space…!! ????? #thanksmom #idiosyncrasies #typeA #dishwasherproblems #valentines #valentinesday #february14 #rpsvalentines

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Makes my blood boil…