15 People Who Are (Probably) Having a Rougher Time Than You Are

Image Credit: Reddit

I can’t say for certain, because you know…I don’t know you.

We’re all having a rough time these days, but I think it’s safe to say that’s more true for some of us than others.

It can change at any time, and without warning, but I think it’s safe to say that these 15 people are having one heck of an autumn.

15. Is this…a real thing that can happen?

Please, someone with knowledge weigh in.

Don’t leave your kayak out in the sun from Wellthatsucks

14. I’m not sure I even want to see the before photo.

It would be been more depressing.

My backyard after the gender reveal party on Saturday from Wellthatsucks

13. Where does one buy that?

Is this some kind of joke?

Gas station toilet paper about the width of an iPod shuffle. from Wellthatsucks

12. That honestly seems about right.

It’s 2020, after all.

Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher. from Wellthatsucks

11. I think it works.

And you didn’t even have to take care of it yourself!

Took 2 months to receive this mushroom grow kit due to a misplaced package slip. It arrived like this. from Wellthatsucks

10. The end of the world if you’re a kid.

What a dad thing to get.

Girl gets her phone stuck in phone jail for 2 days by accident from Wellthatsucks

9. No photographs, please.

I know some celebrities who would hire this shark in a heartbeat.

When the Tiger Shark you’re photographing swims off with your camera rig. from Wellthatsucks

8. That is extremely awkward.

Who allowed this to happen?!

I guess plumbing isn’t for everyone from Wellthatsucks

7. Those are the kind of things that just get under your skin.

I would definitely ask for my money back.

Paid extra for this “window” seat. from Wellthatsucks

6. You just have to laugh.

Because what else can you do?

We found my wife’s phone in the toilet yesterday. We weren’t sure which of our three kids put it there…….until my wife scrolled through her pictures today. from Wellthatsucks

5. Well that’s just rude.

But is that toilet seat from the 50s?

After losing 1/3rd of my weight, I finally didn’t feel too fat anymore. The toilet disagreed. from Wellthatsucks

4. A hole in one!

I guess they’re not always something to celebrate.

Walking to my first job this morning with a fresh cup of coffee. That’s not cream, it’s a crow shit hole in one. from Wellthatsucks

3. The kids are not okay.

I thought we were feeding them healthier stuff now?

The food we get at school everyday. from Wellthatsucks

2. You think they could have sent a text or something.

What good is all of this technology, anyway?

My friend was supposed to take the SAT today… from Wellthatsucks

1. If you squint…

Nope. Still not shaped like a lobster.

I tried to make a cake with a lobster shaped dish from Wellthatsucks

It’s okay to laugh, I think, because we’re all in this together.

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