15 People Who Literally Got What They Asked For

Image Credit: Reddit

When you ask certain people for favors, or to bring you something, you have to know that they’re going to do just what you asked – down to the letter – and nothing more.

These 15 people obviously didn’t realize who they were dealing with, or they might have phrased those requests just a bit differently, or more specific, or…something.

But they didn’t, and now we can all have a laugh. So, I guess that’s a win!

15. It’s on the side.

But it’s not side.

We asked for a side of ranch. Well…it’s a side. from deliciouscompliance

14. I mean…what did you expect?

Good food service folks just following directions.

Asked for 1 fruity pebble, and got it from deliciouscompliance

13. Some people maybe like to scoop their own cone?

Idk why, but maybe they exist.

When you order an icecream with cone. from NotMyJob

12. Everyone’s definition of “a lot” is different.

But I think this qualifies.

Asked for lots of sugars- got a medium sized cup full from deliciouscompliance

11. This just looks really good.

I’m hungry now.

Is this XXXtra mayo on an impossible Whopper flavortown? from deliciouscompliance

10. I’ve never seen that much ginger.

Where did he even find that?!

Asked the hubby to get me some ginger. This is some ginger. from deliciouscompliance

9. Someone got the message.

Bless his heart.

I think my barista recognized me as crazy caramel girl from starbucks

8. That all sounds delicious.

I would want the full orders.

This restaurant is only allowed to sell beer if someone buys food. from funny

7. That’s called a jackpot, my friend.

At least it is if you love pickles.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. Holy sh%t.

I like sauce but…that’s a lot of sauce.

We asked for extra Cane’s sauce… they gave us EXTRA Cane’ s sauce. from deliciouscompliance

5. The butt is the cutest part.

Good job, guy.

Asked for a corgi cake for my birthday. Husband did not disappoint at all! from deliciouscompliance

4. Usually they’re so stingy with sauce.

I bet this showed up on the bill.

I (politely) asked for more sauce. I wasn’t mad when she returned. from deliciouscompliance

3. Hope he really likes mayo.

Looks good to me.

Mayo and cheese only. from deliciouscompliance

2. At that point you’re just eating sour cream.

Which…no judgment, if that’s what you want.

Ask for "a little extra sour cream" at qdoba. She squeezed that sour cream for a solid 10-15 seconds. Was delicious from deliciouscompliance

1. That employee had a big hand.


"A handful of mild sauce, please." from deliciouscompliance

Human beings are so great and so awful all at once, aren’t they?

Which one of these really made you chuckle? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks, fam!