15 People Who Saw Bad Parenting and Shared It with the World


Man, there are some sh*tty parents out there, huh? Parents who are rude, crude, ignorant, and have no regard for other people, kids and adults alike.

But good for these folks for exposing them to the world!

1. Just a reminder…

This is at my local park that has 5 baseball fields. The parents need to control themselves.
byu/MrPortal123 intrashy

2. So rude

[deleted by user]
by intrashy

3. This is terrible

Parents letting their children play on the “Vietnam Women’s Memorial” Right in front of Veterans.
byu/MetalClocker inpics

4. Oops

These kids just destroyed this thrift shops toy section and their parents did nothing
byu/GeorgeWakenbake intrashy

5. Disgusting

This mother…
byu/Huykaty intrashy

6. Wow. Unreal.

Someone took their measles-infected kid to the play area at Ikea.
byu/Piano9717 intrashy

7. So trashy.

Leaving dirty diapers at your table after leaving a restaurant is pretty trashy
byu/x19DALTRON91x intrashy

8. Other people exist, folks

Letting your kid watch a movie on full volume in a restaurant…
byu/___________f inmildlyinfuriating

9. No rules

Lifting your kids over a guard rail so you can ignore them with your smartphone while they try to destroy a display.
byu/theDWORF intrashy

10. They’re busy

Neglectful parents
by intrashy

11. Over the line


12. Hope they charged them a sh*tload

Dealership I work at gives out loaner vehicles while we get theirs repaired. One we just got back.
byu/no_veggies intrashy

13. Looks fun.

A mom and two older kids refused to leave the kids play table so kids could play. They didn’t even look up from their phones.
by inmildlyinfuriating

14. WHAT?

Leaving your baby in the middle of the entrance (the parents were nowhere to be seen..)
byu/Ensanglante intrashy

15. That’s nice

Don’t use your kid’s mental illness to be an asshole
by intrashy

Do yourself a favor. Don’t be like these folks. We’ll all be better off…