15 People Who Saw Totally Creepy Things They Wish They Hadn’t

I’m not sure we ever want to see creepy things, unless that’s our kink or you know, we’re on a ghost tour or something. That said, there are moments when you’re prepared to see something weird, and that can make it a little bit easier.

These 15 people were not prepared for the creepy horrors that met their gaze one day, and honestly, they’ll probably never forget them.

15. Oof.

I was trying to find my BB gun my parents took away and found there death certificate from my beloved uncle who had died of cancer a decade earlier.

The cause of death said cerebral laceration.

That’s how I found out he actually shot himself. Heartbreaking for a 15 year old.

14. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Walked in on the autopsy of a toddler. 35 years ago and the picture is still clear in my mind.

I worked in the Pathology Dept at a large teaching hospital. I was basically an assistant to everybody. Part of my daily duties was delivering mail.

When an autopsy was being done they were supposed to turn on a light at every entrance to the morgue so you’d know not to go in but no lights were on so I just sauntered in with my mail cart and was devastated.

13. No one wants to see that.

My phones photos synced up with my moms and I had found stuff meant for my dad I will never be the same..

12. What the actual heck.

My family is a big hunting family, we hunt mainly wild boar but pretty much any pest control that needs to be taken care of on our properties is done without batting an eyelid. Driving to my uncle’s farm pretty late at night, we turn a corner and see a few men with rifles on their backs just off to the side of the road all standing around what looks like some kind of skinned pig or kangaroo.

My dad starts yelling at us “don’t look, don’t look” but being the little s**t that I am of course I stared out my window. I wasn’t (and still am not) scared of blood and I had seen plenty of dying and dead animals before, so I was confused as to why my dad was so shaken. As we pass, the men all turn and look at us and the animal also turns to look at us, but it wasn’t an animal.

It was a man stripped and beaten to an inch of his life curled up on the ground. I remember looking at my dad from the back seat. He was gripping the wheel so tightly his elbows were locked and he was staring straight ahead. Dad called the cops once we got to the farm but they said they didn’t find anything.

I don’t know if my dad knows I saw it too, but we’ve never driven that road in the dark again.

11. She kind of asked for it.

While working in a level 1 trauma center (calibrating medical x-ray equipment) I was in the emergency room, hearing noises voices, normal stuff. Anyway I heard this kid crying, screaming at the top of his lungs. Sound like pretty powerful lungs I was guessing a high school age?

Everyone was moving fast as they normally do however they had looks on their faces of deep concern. When one of the techs I knew well had a moment I asked; “guessing a kid fell out of his tree house?” The tech shook his head and claimed; “that’s no kid in there! That’s a full grown man who was riding his motorcycle and came in some assembly required.”

I couldn’t resist… A 200lbs man at over 6′ tall in Black Harley-Davidson leather. He lost his arm above the elbow and one of his legs was twisted around completely backwards. A visual I will never get out of my head. That much blood, you can physically smell the iron in the air.

That’s what I get for looking.

10. How do you recover from that?

I’m a sales rep and was looking for a meeting room in a rural hospitals pathology department and got lost. I started opening doors to find someone who could help me. When I opened one door, there was a primate of some sort (not human) that was suspended by its wrists that had all of its skin flayed off.

Presumably it was a primate cadaver being used for anatomy lessons, but it scared the s**t out of me. The skin was removed from the skull, but the eyeballs remained, so it appeared to be staring at me as I entered the room.

Pathology departments in small town hospitals are creepy as hell.

9. This made me laugh.

I came home unannounced when I was in college and walked in on my parents f**king. He was really going to town on her, such that they didn’t even notice. I tiptoed back out!

That’s funny, I had the same thing happen to me. But it was on vacation when I was 13 and my brother was 15. We both had friends with us and we came back home in the afternoon to see my parents on the couch in our family room. Devastating, but that wasn’t the worse part. The worst part was the conversation my parents had with us after……..never was able to shake that tragic memory.

8. What a psychopath.

I didn’t see it so much as heard it. I was the first appt of the morning at my dermatologist’s office and was sitting in the corner out of view of the receptionist’s desk. The doctor came up to her behind the counter and started reaming her out, cussing etc. about some situation I couldn’t understand but he was actually yelling and super nasty.

Then not 10 seconds later, he opens the door and comes out doing a jig and whistling and all “do dee do dee do aw shucks good morning Miss Sanibelle! do dee do dee do.” like he usually did. I had whiplash from the 180. I stopped seeing him because the transformation was seriously scary.

7. Some things you can’t get over.

I was at my friend’s house and we were playing on her dad’s computer.

Somehow we ended up in the search history and he’d been to pr0n sites about animals.

I was like TWELVE and I’ve never been the same.

6. This is a thing?

When I was 15 me and a buddy were hiking along the Merced River to our fishing spot when we were stopped on the path by three guys with ball caps and bandanas covering their faces and holding shotguns. They told us to turn around and go back, which we did without question. Was very strange since we’d been down there dozens of times and had never seen them before or after this.

Found out a few months after that there was a Klampers rally happening on the property of a guy who lived down there and they were guards.

Sorry I misspelled, it Clamper. Apparently they’re a drunken historical society parodying groups like freemasons. Essentially, drunk hillbillies who like to commemorate absurdity.

5. No one needs to see that.

A drunk idiot got hit by a car right in front of me in the middle of the night in the middle of freakin nowhere

His condition was unstable the trauma helicopter (with trauma team ofc) was needed.

I was holding a sheet with another person so onlookers wouldn’t see what was happening and well.. It’s wasn’t pretty at all, ever heard ribs crack due to CPR? And his lung collapsed or it was filling with blood (not sure) but.. the trauma doctor opened up his chest right in front of me

I do not have any medical background and well.. I’ve seen things that night that I wasn’t suppose to.

But it did gave me more appreciation seeing those professionals in action basically performing surgery right in front of me.

Was rather impressed by how methodical they were and their cool-headedness

4. Always listen to those voices, kids.

As a kid I was walking through the woods when on holiday. I was only following the river up and down so I couldn’t get lost. I saw a tarpoline tarpaulin(!) through the trees and thought I would go check it out. As I got close, somone I couldn’t see said “Turn around and keep walking”.

Which, unsurprisingly, I did. At a run.

When walking back along the river the next day, the tarp was gone.

3. Definitely ruins the mood.

I was driving to a jimmy buffet concert in Pennsylvania back in 2007 with my brother and two friends. We were just driving along and saw a four door sedan in the right hand lane about half a mile in front of us swerving. Figured maybe they were going to the concert and pregamed a little too much.

Anyway, my brother decides to pull up on them and see what we can see. As we are approaching we see handfuls of papers being thrown out the passenger window, confused, we speed up and are just about to pass them on the left. We see a couple in their 50’s in the car. The husband, who is driving, is just throwing HAYMAKERS at his wife right to her face in the passenger seat as he’s driving. Time feels like it stood still for a minute, we are driving along side with me in the passenger seat window rolled down flailing my arms around and yelling trying to get the guys attention.

Remind you we are going 55 mphs, another car comes up behind us and we actually manage to block the dude in and slow him down. Meanwhile my friend in the backseat is on the phone with 911 trying to get a cop out there. Long story short, we end up slowing the car down to a slow crawl and cops show up within what seemed like a minute.

Cops took our statements and arrested the dude. It was a pretty quiet ride the rest of the way to the concert.

2. Helmets, people.

driving a friend and his family to airport – he is an er doc and I am not … we watch a trail of motorcyclists (who group of them out for a ride).

Anyhow one of the guys goes up – hits the side of a truck and then cracks his head wide open, at highway acceleration speeds and goes end over end with no upper part of his skull …. two other motor cyclists stand there with sheet or something to block view…

hard to miss the reddish pink brain-stain on the highway …

1. That’s polite.

I worked at a nursing home for nuns. Sometimes they would have Alzheimer’s but be physically ok.

I walked in on two nuns getting it on. I apologized, closed the door, and never mentioned it to anyone.

When I wrote my progress note I said, “patient unavailable.”

I do not know how I would handle most of these, to be honest.

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