15 People Who Tell “The Incident” Stories From High School

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I don’t recall too many crazy stories from high school. I don’t know whether that means I did something wrong or something right, to be honest, but maybe it’s a little bit of both.

There definitely wasn’t anything like happened at these 15 people’s schools, and that makes me a bit happy and a bit disappointed. Hmm.

15. Ahhhh, god love the Juno generation.

“A girl got pregnant sophomore year and the school wanted to transfer her out so as not to normalize teen pregnancy (this was 2001).

In response to this discrimination, a huge group of students (boys included) came to school with pillows under their shirts as belly bumps.

The administration decided to let her stay and have the school accommodate for her when she was on maternity leave.”


14. I am so, so sorry I just read that.

“One of our teachers had to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases after a male student masturbated into the communal salad dressing in the cafeteria.

The student — just two weeks away from graduating — was promptly expelled.”


13. What on earth is a deer farmer?

“We had a deer jump through the window of a classroom nearby. A student in my class claimed he saw the deer ‘stalking’ students earlier that morning.

Class went on as usual, and the deer was caught and released outside by a teacher who happened to be a deer farmer.”


12. He just didn’t know when to cut and run.

“A student sneaked around to all the teachers’ classrooms and pooped in every garbage can.

No one could figure out who it was and he became known as the ‘Phantom Pooper.’ He only got caught because one of the teachers was in her room when he went to poop in her garbage, but he dropped trousers and did it anyway.”


11. That’s like out of a movie.

“My principal — who we later learned was addicted to painkillers because of recurring back pain — threatened not to give a teacher tenure unless her husband gave him extra prescriptions.

Later, an ambulance was called because the teachers found him passed out over his desk and no one could wake him.”


10. At least this one is nice and wholesome.

“In 10th grade, the administration brought a petting zoo to the school, and a donkey and mini pony got loose and ran around the campus.

My school is on a very busy street, and the petting zoo people were frantically sprinting after them so they wouldn’t run into the street. It was the most entertaining thing that happened in high school.”


9. Yeah those administrators just didn’t give a crap anymore.

“My graduating class came up with the slogan ‘Class of 2012, bust nuts!’ and would yell it at every possible opportunity.

Somehow, we convinced the administration to put a broken acorn on our class shirts, saying that it represented the Ice Age since 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world. (I don’t totally get it.)”


8. Don’t you just love stories like this one?

“The seniors at our school (back in 1994) stole an eight-foot-tall Bob’s Big Boy statue from our local Bob’s Big Boy restaurant and managed to put it on the roof of the school.

Adorably, the restaurant loaned the statue back to the class for their 20-year reunion.”


7. Must have been a slow news week.

“Some kids pepper sprayed the hallways, so we were evacuated to the gym which had a separate ventilation system.

Three fights broke out, more pepper spray was sprayed, and two people passed out. They then evacuated us outside, where several more fights broke out. All told, 30 kids were hospitalized. We were on the local news for a week.”


6. That’s what happens when you cry wolf.

“One day, a fire alarm broke, resulting in it going off every 30 minutes or so.

About a week later, the fire alarm went off again and my teacher wouldn’t let us leave the classroom. The alarm just kept going as our teacher continued his lesson. Finally, a very angry firefighter came charging into our classroom yelling at us to get out.

Turns out the school was actually on fire this time and our math teacher had forced us to stay in a BURNING BUILDING.”


5. When one bad egg ruins the whole omelet.

“A girl at my high school made cupcakes filled with semen, pills, and expired food, and distributed them to a bunch of students and teachers she claimed bullied her.

She was arrested, and even now — six years later — the school doesn’t let students bring in baked goods.”


4. Those are some bored kids right there.

“I’m a junior currently, and our ‘incident’ was when 67 boys went into the bathroom in between classes just to see how many people could fit in there.

Nothing came of it, just something a little odd.”


3. But for real, only in Florida.

“My high school in Florida had a bat problem. The school was tired of cleaning up bat poop, so one winter evening after the bats left for the night, they covered the openings where the bats would go (this is illegal in Florida). The next day, students arrived to find frozen bats all over the ground, unable to move. Here’s where the real stupid happens…

Some students thought this was so cool, so they put bats in their pockets and went in to class. After about fifteen minutes in the nice, heated classrooms, the bats started defrosting and WAKING UP. So bats broke loose of pockets, biting the students and flying around. Later, any student who came in contact with the bats was required to get a round of shots.”


2. Oh, man, this is the stuff of nightmares.

“In middle school, there was a kid on the tennis team who had a very visible erection in the yearbook photo. Unfortunately, the school blew up the photo and hung it in the cafeteria before anyone had noticed.

Poor kid ended up transferring.”


1. I mean, she probably wasn’t wrong, but…

“In math class, we had an older teacher who didn’t have a lot of patience.

I’m sure we were a rowdy bunch of kids, but she really went off the rails. One day, she went on a rampage that ended with, ‘If I took half my brain, put it in a blender, and then fed it to a dog, that dog would be smarter than all of you idiots combined!’

That was the last time we ever saw her.”


These are crazy stories, y’all!

What’s the most insane thing that happened in your school days?

If it can rival these, I need to hear about it!