15 People Who Trained for a Job, Then Realized They Just Couldn’t Hack It

Image Credit: Pixabay

Basically, these people all had their own sad version of getting through medical school only to realize they couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

#15. Scared of heights.

There’s quite a few pilots that are scared of heights.

#14. Seasick.

Had a teacher in my nautical academy that found out he was chronically seasick.

#13. Absolutely could not.

My brother in law went through seminary and got a job as a youth pastor, only to find he absolutely could not speak in public. He does construction now.

#12. I hate people.

Started my own freelance business then realised I hate people, I hate kissing ass and I hate stressing about clients paying on time.

#11. Just certain animals.

Going to school for vet nursing or veterinary med and then realising you are scared of certain animals like mice or rats

Edit: you also have to be able to separate individual behaviors of individual animals from a whole species. Inevitably you will be scratched, bitten or injured my a stressed animal. I have several scars but I separate those experiences from other animals of the same species and I’ve also learned how to handle and read their body language better even small animals like rats and mice. Thrilled about all the responses. It is a challenging profession and not everyone is able to go through putting animals down or having to cause a bit of pain to heal them in the end so many people don’t finish the degree but that’s the same with many professions. Love you reddit!!

#10. It’s a hospital.

Well, I’m a phlebotomist, sooo…..

Never had anyone who ended up not being able to stand the sight of blood, but have had several people who couldn’t do other specimens collected or received in a lab – urine, stool, sputum, etc.

Also people who were surprised that most of our draws would be kids, the elderly, chemo and dialysis patients (all notoriously difficult draws) and thought everything would be exactly like it was in school.

I’ve had new people in the hospital when I was there tell me they “won’t” attend the Code Blues because “they can’t see anyone die”. Like, it’s a hospital. People are in bad shape and die in it.

#9. Very boring.

Many people become a lawyer only to discover they hate practicing law, because they didn’t really understand what that meant when they went to law school. Law is very boring, involves a lot of minute, rote work which has little practical effect on a case, and is ultimately soul sucking. Being a lawyer involves very little grandstanding in court room. Many lawyers NEVER do that. Even trial lawyers, like you see on TV, only get a couple trials a year at best and some go years between trials. The only kinds of lawyers in court every day are criminal attorneys.

#8. Just vomit.

Went through nursing school, only to figure out I cant stand vomit. Just vomit though! I can stand blood, feces, urine, biliary drainage, pulmonary secretions, etc.

#7. Heights again.

Went to school for firefighting, had a classmate drop out because he was afraid of heights.

#6. People are hard.

Spent a lot of time honing my voice and manner skills because I seemed to have a talent for customer service. The only problem is I figured out that I hate people in general.

#5. The biggest requirement.

I teach English to kids aged 3-9 in China. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met while teaching abroad that either can’t stand kids and/or constantly complain about how the country is so different from their own considering being able to handle children and adapt to new surroundings are two of the biggest requirement to do the job.

#4. Sincere hate.

Got a prestigious degree in finance and economics, realized I sincerely hate the type of people who work in IB/Finance

Edit: not all of them of course, but you all know that guy who thinks “wolf of Wall Street” is a documentary about him

#3. Sensitive to loud noises.

Sound engineer. I’m sensitive to loud noises. Should have thought that one through.

#2. Pretty bad.

Human Resources. Went through school to realize I couldn’t lay someone off. Honestly, terminations for cause are pretty bad, but at least they did something to cause it. I’m talking about downsizing.

#1. Not for a living.

I went to massage school with a girl who realized she didn’t want to touch people for a living.

Yikes. Time and money out the door.