15 Photos Of Super Lazy People And Their Christmas Decorations


Hey, we can’t all be Clark Griswold, okay? Some of us just want to do the bare minimum (or nothing at all) when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Which camp do you fall in?

These folks definitely belong to the latter category…but are they lazy or are they geniuses? You be the judge…

1. You nailed it.

Our Christmas Decorations from funny

2. Hahaha. This is good.

Neighbors’ outdoor Christmas decorations.. before the cops made them take it down from funny

3. That’ll work.

Finally finished the Christmas decorations! from funny

4. Use what you got.

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5. Hmmmmm.

I’m too lazy for Christmas decorations. from funny

6. You did a great job.

Put up the Christmas Tree… from funny

7. Not really feeling it.

Was out with the wife and our 5 year old daughter looking for Christmas light displays last night. Found this gem. My daughter thought it was beautiful. She’s still learning to read. from funny

8. Ho Ho Ho!

No one at work has taken responsibility for decorating the Christmas tree, for the last week it has been propped up in its box waiting. Today, I stepped up to the plate. from funny

9. A+ life hack!

I trusted my husband to clean-up from Christmas last year. This is what I discovered when I went down to our basement to begin decorating this year. He’s so proud! I can’t decide: life hack or lazy? [X-Posted] from lifehacks

10. The eyes are a little off…

Repurposed our Halloween decoration from pics

11. Look at that beautiful tree.

Australian Christmas tree from australia

12. One bright ball. That’s all you get.


13. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Room = decorated. from pics

14. Okay, that’s a little creepy.

Too lazy to get a Christmas tree this year from pics

15. Works for me.

My girlfriend won’t agree that this is a suitable Christmas tree substitute. from funny

Do you go all out decorating for Christmas or do you kind of half-ass it?

Share some pics of your house with us in the comments, please!