15 People with Creative and Surprising Christmas Tree Ideas


Are you tired of the same old Christmas tree with the same old ornaments year after year?

Well, maybe it’s time to mix it up and try something different this year.

These innovative and creative folks all made totally unique Christmas trees, and, I have to say, they are pretty darn cool!

Let’s take a look. Ho Ho Ho!

1. The book trees.

Christmas tree at a public library
byu/Botatitsbest inoddlysatisfying

2. It’s floating!


3. I hope that doesn’t tip over.

My lab has a new Christmas tree…
byu/EarthwormEd inpics

4. A tree abroad.

Made our own Christmas tree where we are deployed
byu/jerm1820 inpics

5. All succulents!

My living succulent Cristmas tree
byu/crazysucculentlady insucculents

6. Step into another dimension.

My office Christmas Tree portal version
byu/GOstrovskiy ingaming

7. Those are plastic bottles!


8. A white Christmas.

Our slightly different Christmas tree…
byu/SquibbVicious inpics

9. Vegetable art.


10. Hey, it works.

I made an IT Christmas Tree made of Monitors
by inmildlyinteresting

11. A minimalist masterpiece.


12. A good idea.

Instead of a Christmas Tree, my wife and I do this to my upright bass
byu/DingoMontgomery inpics

13. Simple, yet effective.

No tree, no problem.
byu/noslowsongs inpics

14. Darth Christmas Tree.

My Christmas Tree!
byu/splitheaddawg inpics

15. Silent Knight. Get it?!?!

We didn’t have room for a Christmas tree so we made a silent knight!
byu/paperscape inpics

How did you decorate your tree this year?

Let’s see some photos in the comments!