15 Photos That Might Traumatize You if You Used the Internet in the 2000s


Using the Internet in its infancy was not for the faint of heart. You had to share with the phone lines, wait 800 years for downloads to come over dial up, and fend off creepers…okay, so not everything has changed.

That said, if you are old enough to remember the transfer from the non-digital world to the digital, you’re going to feel these posts in your bones…and you’ll want to scream at the memories, too.

15. Google “Limewire” and feel our painnnn

14. Dollzmania was so high tech, y’all

Photo Credit: Twitter,ArijanaRamic

13. My Space Tom

Photo Credit: Twitter,HinderMedia

12. When sending your friends stickers on MSN Messenger meant disrupting their entire day

Photo Credit: Twitter,denns0289

11. In some ways, not much has changed

Photo Credit: Twitter,dankbonnet

10. If someone picked up the phone while this was happening…may God have mercy on their soul

9. *breathes into a bag*

Photo Credit: Twitter,LiveDerekChu

8. I would never use Cool Math Games to play Lemonade Stand at school. NEVER.

Photo Credit: Cool Math Games

7. Facebook needs to bring back the Top Friends concept so I can be petty as shit again

Photo Credit: Twitter,iAmDarthJones

6. Online flirting in its infancy

5. When reading captchas was basically a test for superhuman sight

Photo Credit: Twitter,chotabawari

4. Some things are best left in the past

3. Oh, the guilt when you starve your virtual pets

Photo Credit: Twitter,gwiboon

2. And how they were also our first experience with how our children would eventually exact our parents’ revenge

Photo Credit: Twitter,xinle96

1. If you’re younger, you might think this is a joke. It’s not.

Photo Credit: MensXp

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