13 Photos That Perfectly Sum up Canada


I love Canada! Nice people, beautiful cities, open prairies, and of course, the greatest sport known to man: HOCKEY.

Also, the people are really, really nice. It’s great, eh!

And these pics prove that point, once again.

1. Never see that in the U.S.

I don’t even know how to respond to it. That’s nuts!

Another Canadian thing from pics

2. Don’t worry about it

Is it your business? No. Then stay out of it. Thank you.

Meanwhile in Canada… from pics

3. Water fight!

Would that ever happen here? Probably not!

Canadian Police Clash with Citizens from pics

4. Already Great

This is probably the best parody of those hats. Ugh.

Found a pretty cool hat at a local store today from pics

5. This is great

And stylish as well! Bravo!

Police in Montreal are refusing to wear their work pants as a part of a labor dispute. from funny

6. Thank you!

If you need it, just ask. I’ll give it to you!

Canadians are notorious for being kind from pics

7. Honest

Imagine that happening in New York. You can’t. It wouldn’t happen.

Honest Canadian commuters. The workers were missing and the automatic gates were broken. This is the result. from pics

8. Generosity

Washed AND mended? Wow!

Everything about this says Canada from pics

9. Please be a nice thief

This is the nicest sign to thieves I’ve ever seen. Who are these Canadiens?

Canadian victims of theft. from funny

10. Come back later

I mean, when there’s a bear at the door… you just don’t go to the door.

11. Canadian graffiti

Of course it’s the kindest of the kind. What else would it be?

This bathroom graffiti is positive. from mildlyinteresting

12. All dressed the same

I love everything about this. Plaid is beautiful!

Fashion at my small town Canadian bar. [OC] from funny

13. Shorts?!?! Really?!?!

Hey, this would be me. Some people’s legs just don’t get cold. So don’t judge!

A guy at my University in Canada walking to class from funny

Oh, Canada, you sure are truly a gem, and these 13 posts just prove how awesome you really are.

Alright, now that you’ve found out how awesome Canada is, would you ever want to go live there? Have you lived there?

Let us know in the comments!