15 Funny Screenshots of Autocorrect Text Messages


Want an important piece of life advice? Autocorrect IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. In fact, it’s your enemy.

So be careful…your well-being might just depend on it.

Here are 15 examples of how bad the dreaded it can be…

1. Might want to end this now

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2. Children nuggets

3. The worst thing ever

4. Boring semen

5. Hmmmm

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6. Boner city

Boner, Amanda!

7. Applesauce

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8. Not for that

9. Woah Potato!


10. That’s pretty bad

11. Hot lips


12. H0ly sh*t

13. The usual


14. Just a short trip


15. Yes, we do


It’s rough out there trying to deal with autocorrect, isn’t it?