I’ve never been to Japan, but it is definitely at the top of my travel list. Why, you ask?

Well, all you really need to do is look at these photos. Not only are the people incredibly gracious, the food is great, and there are amazing sights to see, but the Japanese are really ahead of the curve as far as integrating technology into the day-to-day.

And these photos prove it. Take a look and start dreaming about your next overseas trip…

1. A robot restaurant!

2. That looks like a great dining experience.

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Just came to get sushi in Japan ?

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3. Coming right up!

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If all food was served like this… ??

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4. Or delivered by train.

5. Heated toilet seats.

6. Photobooths are on point.

7. Look at that vending machine.

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이건 뭐.. 거의 누들로드?: Afuri 라면편

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8. Tiny sleeping capsules.

9. Sparkling subway.

10. That’s gas station food in Japan.

11. Really nice desserts.

12. Food on the train is darn good, too.

13. That’s what you can get at a baseball game.

14. Fish for your dinner!

15. Museum design is fantastic.

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Borderless between art and science

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What year is it again? See what I’m talking about?

Like I said, way ahead of the curve…