15 Interesting Pictures That Aren’t Photoshopped

Image Credit: Reddit

One of my favorite things that happens is when you spot a pretty amazing optical illusion in an otherwise normal photo – bonus points when the illusion is a total accident.

Let’s just say, you might think you know what you’re looking at in these 15 photos, but…take another look. And then take another look after that. And then maybe… take a third look.

There’s a good chance that you don’t know what’s going on or can’t figure it out.

Let’s see…

#15. Is the Finnish President a mutant? Or is there some other explanation?

Finnish president levitates a vase
byu/ekhowl inconfusing_perspective

#14. I could stare at this forever.

Pictures from the creative mind

#13. All ready to stick in the bed of your sleeping enemy.

Little girl with a horse head
byu/j_koli inconfusing_perspective

#12. This creature should be guarding a vault at Hogwarts, no?

What the hell
byu/luke_ww__ inoddlyterrifying


These teacups look like they have little holes in them
byu/UncannyDonuts inmildlyinteresting

#10. Is this the same sofa? Is the mirror broken? Help!

This suede sofa is the opposite shade when looking from the other direction
byu/gwilar inmildlyinteresting

#9. This shark isn’t trapped in an iceberg…or is it?

This shark isn’t trapped in an iceberg
byu/Glitchy666 inconfusing_perspective

#8. Yes, there’s a whole knife there.

Invisible knife
byu/marcviz inconfusing_perspective

#7. The three-armed man.

Foot-hand man
byu/deathstryk inconfusing_perspective

#6. Yeah, that would make me do a double take.

good boy taking himself to the spy museum
byu/yaysalmonella inrarepuppers

#5. Erm. Run for your life?

by inteefies

#4. I get that we’re supposed to be looking at the airplane but is that Nick Lachey?

byu/WandaLovingLegend inconfusing_perspective

#3. The screen is cracked, but maybe that’s not so bad?

The way this LCD cracked looks like a forest.
byu/LimonKay inmildlyinteresting

#2. A lake on stilts…

This tree line makes the water look higher than it actually is
byu/yakysoba inconfusing_perspective

#1. The food is on a table.

My lunch is on a table
byu/jcronq inconfusing_perspective

Did any of these trip you up? Figure out what was going on?

Personally, I loved them! This is the stuff that I live for. Visual tricks are so fun to look at!

Any of these really make you sit up and pay attention?

Let us know in the comments!