15 People Share Good Things That Happened To Them

Image Credit: Reddit

If you watch the news on television – whether it’s local, national, or world – chances are that anything not terrifying has gotten buried (or even completely dumped) in order to give them enough time to cover all of the fires (sometimes literal sometimes figurative) happening all over the world.

But maybe we just need a little piece of something to make us remember that everything isn’t terrible – at least not all of the time.

That’s where these 15 little bits of joy come into play.

15. I am now also a fan of Luna.

14. The only TikTok you really need.

13. Okay, maybe this one, too.

12. My heart.

11. You are now somewhat prepared for parenthood.

10. This 98th birthday serenade for Betty White.

9. It’s basically a Muppet.


8. Pretty sure I’ve never felt this snazzy in my whole life.

I love his bow tie collar, it’s never coming off
by inaww

7. Who could have guessed how beloved the Jonas brothers would become?


6. You GUYS.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

5. Everyone needs some pupper love in their life.

4. I mean…it’s a Corgi.

Riding the subway with a Corgi in a backpack and a train full of 4th grade girls.
byu/kittytime inaww

3. This makes my heart happy.

2. So maybe ALL humans aren’t horrible?



I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better already!

Do you have a place you go to get happy news? Please, share it with us in the comments!