15 Polly Pocket Sets That Might Bring Back the Nostalgia for ’90s Kids

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Full disclosure: I did not play with Polly Pockets. I was too busy playing war with GI Joes and running through the woods.

However, I do remember my friends’ sisters playing with these, so I guess they bring back some memories for me, too.

But if you were one of those kids who did get down with the Polly Pockets during your childhood, these photos will probably hit you right in the feels. Or make you wonder, “Why did I force my parents to buy me so many of these?”

1. In the package!

Photo Credit: eBay

If you’ve got one of these still in its package, it’s probably worth something now.

2. Surprise garden

Photo Credit: eBay

Who didn’t love those somewhat creepy garden statues?

3. Ballerina set

Photo Credit: eBay

You could put Polly’s friends in those fancy theater boxes!

4. “Enchanted evening”

Photo Credit: eBay

I mean, it looks kind of like an average evening at home, but that chillness sounds pretty “enchanting” to most of us adults, amiright?

5. Livin’ the dream

Photo Credit: eBay

Sunglasses Polly was as cool as it gets.

6. Gone skiing

Photo Credit: eBay

Alright, so maybe this is more after-skiing, but that’s arguably the best part of skiing anyway.

7. Poolside

Photo Credit: eBay

One day, I’d love a pool that’s roughly the size of my whole house.

8. Water park time

Photo Credit: eBay

You could actually fill this one with water and make it interactive.

9. Back to school

Photo Credit: eBay

Even Polly’s classroom was cute.

10. Pizza joint

Photo Credit: eBay

Polly didn’t just stay in her house. She had a job too.

11. Waiting tables

Photo Credit: eBay

12. Get a load of that

Photo Credit: eBay

The light-up pockets were, in a word, AWESOME.

13. Disney-style

Photo Credit: eBay

That’s right. Disney got in on the pocket-sized action, too.

14. Beauty and the Beast

Photo Credit: eBay

Tale as old as time…

14. Brings you back, doesn’t it?

Photo Credit: eBay

This school even had a playground.