15 Posts About Disney That Are Probably Going to Screw with Your Head

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Disney is one of those brands that is pretty much universally loved. I mean, if I hear someone claim to hate Disney, I automatically assume that they a) had no childhood, or b) are one of those people who just want to hate everything that is loved en masse.

Because Disney is objectively awesome.

Which is why people on platforms like Tumblr spend way too much time thinking way too in depth about Disney films and characters and the philosophies behind them. And thank goodness they do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do my best to blow your mind with this post!

15. There has to be a Car Hitler. Because, Internet logic.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,mudkips-mayhem

14. Monsters, Inc. (like The Smurfs before it) is teaching you Marxist propaganda

Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

13. I don’t think Ursula could be called nice, but, sure, she could have been worse

12. When Hercules made a very funny but totally obscure joke…

11. Donald Duck is an honorary member of the Marine Corps and the Navy. It makes so much sense!

Photo Credit: Tumblr, dedalvs

10. Ariel and Hercules are cousins

Photo Credit: Tumblr, karlimeaghan

9. I’m kind of worried about the person who caught this

8. Okay, so I’ve seen Moana a bunch of times and never noticed the shark head in the tattoo

Photo Credit: Disney

7. This guy already creeped me out

Photo Credit: Tumblr, overwatch-in

6. Did you catch that Thumper is Roger Rabbit’s uncle?

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5. Disney had its first openly gay character before the live action Beauty and the Beast and no one noticed

Photo Credit: Tumblr, hunkules

4. Mulan IS the Great Dragon. And arguably the best princess.

Photo Credit: Tumblr, stirringwind

3. Bet you didn’t notice this cameo in Enchanted

Photo Credit: Tumblr, disney-facts

2. …Or these (The voice of Belle – Paige O’Hara – and Pocahontas – Judy Kuhn)

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo Credit: Disney

1. I’ve seen this before, but I always love it

h/t: Buzzfeed

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