15 Posts That Prove Grandparents Are Pure and Good

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’re someone who is lucky enough to have grandparents in your life (or your kids have your parents), then you know how amazing inter-generational relationships can be. My maternal grandfather was one of my favorite people in the world, and my other three grandparents were all amazing people I was lucky to know into my young adulthood.

These 15 posts only bolster my point, y’all, because the grandparents who inspired them are 100% gold.

15. I’m seriously impressed.

14. And that’s the story of why he went out to buy new shirts.

13. She snitched in a dream. Ha!

12. What a meet-cute this is!

11. MY EYES.

10. I think it looks lovely on him.

9. Seriously adorable.

8. That old charmer.

7. She’s not wrong.

6. You cannot freak an old man out like that!

5. Said without a trace of shame, I’m sure.

4. She just couldn’t call him Richard.

3. You never know when your past deeds are going to come back to haunt you – or the opposite.

2. I definitely won’t die with this regret.

1. Just in case you didn’t know…

I’m off to Facetime my own grandma, because even though she’s 96, she still uses her cell phone.


What’s your favorite grandparent story? We’d love to hear it!